"Close the Door"

This was my Pastor’s message for today. It’s time to close the door on some things. And don’t go leaving cracks for past hurts and heartaches to creep back in. Let’s make 2009 a year to move on and improve spiritually, naturally and physically. He also announced a plan for us member who wanted to, […]

And another

We had yet another blackout lastnight. I know, so soon. And yet again we were unprepared. Everything happened so fast. I was sitting here trying to decide on a new look for my blog when suddenly the wind started blowing really hard. So suddenly, I thought we were being hit by a tornado and yelled […]

My Children

They were all so pleased with the Christmas gifts that they received. This year things went so much better than I would have imagined. My mother-in-law and her sister were ever so generous. My Deuce was able to get the Didj that he wanted. We bought Diamond a cupcake maker, the Jakks Pacific one, but […]

My hopes…

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and will have a happy New Year this upcoming 2009.

Quick lesson I learned

The church I grew up in was your traditional sanctuary. Nice sized. We would often visit other smaller churches that were held in store fronts. Occasionally my family would have church at home or visit someone else’s home for a service they were holding there. Sometimes we would have a program in the basement of […]

Hello again everyone. It’s been a while huh? Last week was a busy one, sorta. Had a lot of cleaning to do. Got it done and guess what, it’s heading back downhill and I need to catch it up again. It is so cold here in southern Illinois. It doesn’t help that our floor is […]


Back to Church today…

Hello. I finally went back to church today after about two months. Not that I haven’t been wanting to go. I really enjoy my church, but we ran into some circumstances back several weeks ago which turned into well okay, maybe i’ll go for the next service and then became i’ll get back someday. What […]

Let me make it clear

I just want you all, and them, if they ever somehow stumble upon this, that yes, I have forgiven them. I am a Christian, I am human. The experience left scars. We’re all adults now and bygones are just that, bygones. I have been trying to locate them on those social networks out there, but […]

Those girls….

I want to talk more about these girls and my experience with some girls in my life. Things that have affected me to this day and caused me to be an at times introverted individual. I’ll start with my next door neighbor. She was friendly to me, but when she didn’t have any of her […]

More on my life as a Christian..

Well what do you know, I made it back in a decent amount of time. I want to blog more today about my life as a Christian. I remember accepting Christ in my life back in ninth grade. Unfortunately for me, I can’t tell you the exact date, as I know some people who can […]

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