Happy Birthday Baby Boy

This is dedicated to you, Baby Boy. Maybe someday when you’re all grown up, you’ll look back and say, wow that was me. It seems like it took forever for you to reach one year old, two years at least. Right now i’m holding you as I type this. You like eating paper and cardboard […]

Couldn’t Resist

I just had to put this picture in. My Baby Boy cracks me up everytime he makes this face..

The Hat

Why I absolutely MUST attend the BlogHer 09 conference

I can’t honestly say that I deserve this more than anyone, but I know that I would really enjoy it as much, if not more than everyone. I think I first really got into blogging as a result of searching for a way to win a Wii. My husband had been wanting one really badly, […]

Why Me?

We don’t always know why we face some things in life. Someday when we get down the road and look back, I truly believe that we’ll understand why some things had to be the way they were.

He’s Back Now

My husband was released from the hospital and brought home yesterday. I felt like I was dreaming from the time he got here. Baby boy just stared at him for a while with a little smile on his face almost as if he was in disbelief and of course the others are happy he’s back […]

Hoping He’ll Return Tomorrow

As of right now my husband is still hospitalized. I put his picture as our computer background picture because my kids are missing daddy; and so is mommy. I would have gladly taken the drive to see him, but everything with our van seems wrong except that we all have a place to sit and […]

We have a crawler..

It seemed like it would never happen, but baby boy finally decided he was going to crawl. We’ve been trying to encourage him to do so, but up until now, he’d just chosen not to. He’d tease me as if he would, but stop there. He is my latest crawler out of my four. As […]

And We Have a Crawler

So stressed right now.

First let me say hello to my VERY FIRST FOLLOWER!! Bless you. I am just stressed out right now. On the verge of tears and I need to vent. My husband was released from the military based on severe depression. Well tonight I had to take him to the hospital because it was getting the […]

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