Happy Birthday Big Boy

Little One,
I want you to know that I love you. I really try hard to show it. I love looking into your eyes, so innocent. I like the browness of your eyes. They go so perfectly with the color of your skin. You’re so serious. When you make up your mind to do something, there’s no stopping you. You’re one determined little guy. Sometimes, though, I wish you would listen to me a little more; I want to protect you. I know that as life goes on, you’ll make your own mistakes, and you’ll learn from them. Let me tell you how you touch my heart everytime. Sometimes out of the blue, you’ll just go and grab me and daddy a water or something else to drink, and we haven’t even asked for it. For this, dad has joked that you’re the one he wants to take care of him when he gets older. You’re still not talking like you should at this stage in your life, and I know we both get frustrated by this, but I truly believe that in time it will come. I remember the time you took a swing at me because I kept trying to get you to repeat yourself, because I really wanted to understand you. I think you now understand after our talk that that’s not the way to handle your frustrations, but now I think back at that and laugh. I know you understand well, because I can ask you which letter is which, and you get almost all of them right. I try to take special care to show each of you some special attention, because two of you are in the middle, and I don’t want you or big sister to feel any different from the oldest nor the youngest. Hopefully someday, years down the road, you’ll look back at this and you’ll get a laugh, or a sentimental feeling. I love you so much big boy.

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  1. Nikki @ Mommy Factor says:

    oh, my son just a bday also. belated happy birthday now where’s our slice of cake?!

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