Home again

We’ve finally done it! We’ve made the move back to my hometown. It’s been a long time coming, but the time has finally arrived. My husband and I met here when he’d finished boot camp and I was working at the NEX. We got married and ended up in California. He was discharged for health reasons and we ended up in Southern Illinois because my mom was there. She left to be with her family located in Louisiana, and we were stuck in Southern Illinois with no other family around. We wanted to leave so badly. My children and I had even prayed several times for God to bless us to move back up north and let me tell you, God answers prayers because here we are. We had a little trouble along the way, matter of fact, in the first several minutes of us trying to leave. Our van started smoking so badly, it appeared as though it could have been a cloud maker. We had to stop and get it checked out, and the problem was found to be too much oil. We had to get some drained off and waited around for the smoking to cease. My family was willing to put their lives aside and come get us if necessary, but everything worked out. We’re away from little Egypt and we’ve completed a circle and i’m so happy about this. It still feels like a dream.

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  1. adiaha says:

    Congratulations! Extended family is soo important when raising children. I am happy for all of you.

  2. millaa says:

    Thank you. That’s absolutely right because it’s been so hard not having family around for the simple as well as the complicated things that have taken place in our time away.

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