Want to win a Cargo Bike like the one pictured on the right?

I first found a link on someone else’s blog about these new MADSEN Cargo Bikes and I instantly thought they were the coolest. I then checked out their blog and watched a video with a mom effortlessly towing 3 children in the bucket in the back of it. I really wanted one then. They had […]

Warman Fuzzy Grandparents Day Contest

Hello All, I’m here to make this quick post about how you can win yourself an ipod touch in honor of Grandparent’s Day. Here are the contest details: Go here: Warman Fuzzy and submit warm and fuzzy photos or videos that include your grandparents or another senior who has touched your life. With the photo […]

What Being a Parent has Taught Me

How have I become a better person since having children? What kind of effect has being a parent had on other aspects of my life? I reflected back to our first born son. My mom had left my husband and I to figure out how to do this parenting thing on our own after staying […]

Our Story Making Adventure

My daughter and I had a blast creating a story for the VTech Bugsby promotion that they have going on over at their site today. My creative juices just weren’t flowing at first, so I had her pick some characters to add to some of the different scenes and had her explain to me what […]

6-8 hours of battery life Say What??

Well that’s enough to convince me to enter to win a new laptop! How about you? This is my final post for now for your chance to win an Acer laptop with a crazy amount of battery life. Check out Want Not for your chance to win. Thanks for bearing with me.

Second to last post for your chance to win an Acer

It’s about 10:25 pm cst right now on a Friday evening and my baby is lying here on me as I type this, i’m almost done for tonight. Just one more to follow this one. I just entered at Busy Mom’s blog and you can to for your shot to win an Acer as well. […]

Really hoping my persistence will pay off

I’ve already obtained 17 entries on 6 sites in an attempt to win myself a new laptop. Have you been keeping up with me? Well this blog post will allow me to get my 18th entry. You can get a shot as well by checking out Mocha Momma’s blog. Good Luck.

Trying to maximize

Yes it’s yet another chance to win an Acer laptop. I really do need one. So i’m taking the opportunity to maximize my chances by getting as many entries as possible so that I can et as many chances as possible. Are you in need of a new laptop too? You can get another chance […]

Here’s another place you can enter to win

Wanna know what I would like to do with a new laptop? I want to have one that I can use for all of my blogging needs. I would like to have enough memory to install a program to create movies in a decent amount of time and not have let the computer run all […]

Another short and sweet post

Because i’m blogging here, i’m racking up additional chances at winning a laptop. Did I mention how slow my current laptop is? 512 megabytes of RAM. I don’t even have much stored on it and it’s really slow. Where can you go to get your shot at winning? Go to Bacon is My Enemy for […]

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