The Mother List

The Mother List is a site that I just found out about tonight. If you have new and/or gently used items that you’d like to sale, this is a place where you can list them. Registration and listing are free. They also have an awesome contest going on right now where you can win a […]

Quick heads up….

The Online Mom is having her twitter party tomorrow Monday 10/26/2009 from 9-10pm cst. You need to RSVP here. Be sure you’re following her on twitter @theonlinemom and be sure you’re using the hashtag #theonlinemom. There are going to be two prizes given away which include an XBox 360 and also a Wii. I recommend […]

Little Blends (it’s another giveaway!)

Having trouble getting your little one to eat fruits and veggies? I know, it’s not always easy. I would like to take this opportunity to share a little about Little Blends. A way to get your little one to eat fruits and veggies which are so important as a part of our children’s lives. Little […]

The Online Mom…Someone You Should Know

I’ll start off by saying that if you have children and the internet under the same roof, I highly recommend you check out The Online Mom. You’re going to learn how to keep your children safe while they’re using the internet, which so many are doing today. I mean, my children, starting at my 3 […]

A Request for Your Help….

Hello everyone. I’m simply here to request that you help my friend Melissa Garcia Live in High Definition. It’s as simple as a vote and you don’t even have to join the site to vote, so it’s quick and painless. Just click here and look for over on the right side. If you’ve not […]

So Long My Dear Dirt Devil…..

I hate to have to let it go, but it’s just not giving me enough time. How did I end up with a Dirt Devil in the first place? I’ll gladly share. As you may or may not know, we recently moved into our new place. We only have carpeting in our living room, and […]

Xtra Xtra (read all about it)

Had a baby? How about an anniversary? Well maybe you want to celebrate a Hometown Hero. Whether you want to share what’s going on in your life with members of your community or find out what going on in yours the Xtra Xtra website is the place to do it. I wouldn’t mind if this […]

Do you Cozi?

I learned about Cozi while missing out on Blogher 2009. What is Cozi? Cozi is a site that helps you get organized. I mean everything from schedules to grocery lists to appointment reminders. I like that fact that you can access it from anywhere. So if you’re traveling, no worries. It’s also portable. Yes, you […]

Dinner in a Flash

With our busy lifestyles and time seeming to pass faster than ever, things have to be planned ahead if we’re to accomplish, well anything meaningful. I’m here to share with you three tips for preparing dinner quickly so that your family can be fed and you can worry about other things. 1. Planning ahead is […]

The most laughs…

…seem to be brought on by this picture that i’m entitling “The Three Amigos.” These are my boys ages 7,3 and 1. This post is my entry into the get silly and win $1000 contest.

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