Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Want to win a Cargo Bike like the one pictured on the right?

I first found a link on someone else's blog about these new MADSEN Cargo Bikes and I instantly thought they were the coolest. I then checked out their blog and watched a video with a mom effortlessly towing 3 children in the bucket in the back of it. I really wanted one then. They had a contest going on where they were giving away 2 of them, but the odds were not in my favor, and I didn't win, but now they've flipped!! In a good way!! They're going to be giving away MADSEN Cargo Bikes weekly with the first one being given away next Wednesday. I couldn't determine the end date, but would reccomend you check it out for yourself!!

Warman Fuzzy Grandparents Day Contest

Hello All,
I'm here to make this quick post about how you can win yourself an ipod touch in honor of Grandparent's Day. Here are the contest details:

Go here: Warman Fuzzy and submit warm and fuzzy photos or videos that include your grandparents or another senior who has touched your life. With the photo or video, you'll be asked to share your favorite memory of that person. The photo contest winner will receive an iPod Nano and the video contest winner will receive an iPod Touch. Entries need to be submitted by October 31, 2009 with the winners being announced November 8, 2009.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Being a Parent has Taught Me

How have I become a better person since having children? What kind of effect has being a parent had on other aspects of my life?

I reflected back to our first born son. My mom had left my husband and I to figure out how to do this parenting thing on our own after staying with us and helping out for about 2 months. During her stay, I had someone to tend to him early in the morning and late at night so I could get a little more sleep or just take it easy as I was recovering from the pains of bringing a child into this world.

We were driving back home one evening and our baby was screaming to the top of his lungs nonstop. Fortunately for me, I fall in the middle of 8, so i'd somewhat dealt with putting up with crying babies. My husband, on the other hand, having been the youngest of two and not constantly surrounded by crying babies couldn't take anymore. He pulled over into a parking lot where I got into the back of the truck to console our infant.

Days turned into months of learning how to comfort a crying baby. I'm one that never mastered the different cries that a baby has, so if one thing didn't work, i'd move on to another. This absolutely can get frustrating. As time went on I dealt with several poopy diapers, blowouts (where anything in those diapers run over and you're victimized as well, tend to take place publicly) spit up, throw up, tantrums, stares from others who had not yet had children, obviously thinking I didn't know how to be a mom. Going through the stages where my child is clingy, but before I knew it, wanting to do things independently. Through it all i'm still here. A survivor with a total of four children now.

There's so much we learn in the process of raising children that can be applied to other areas of our lives:

1. Screaming babies and learning how to comfort them
Translates to don't give up the first time. Just like I have to try various ways to comfort a screaming baby, in life when i'm trying to figure things out, I can't give up on my first try because the problem will never be solved. If I want to see a positive change, I have to keep trying until I figure out the right formula or equation for that change to take place.

2. Poopy diapers, blowouts, throw up
Translates to don't sweat the small stuff. Learn how to handle the curveballs life can and will throw at you. Fix the situation and keep moving because life goes on. Don't let things get you too far set back because of a mishap in your life.

3. Evil stares from people who haven't yet been there
Translates to "Exactly they haven't yet been there!" You're there already and well on your way. You can't please everybody. Not when it comes to raising a child, not when it comes to your life and the direction you're taking.

4. Clingy Child
Translates to we all need someone at some point and time in our lives. Don't try to bottle everything up inside you. Hug. Love. Appreciate.

5. Independent Child
Translates to there are some things that we will have to figure out on our own for ourselves. Don't expect everything to be handed out to you. Some things you have to go out and get for yourself if you really want it or it's worth having.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Story Making Adventure

My daughter and I had a blast creating a story for the VTech Bugsby promotion that they have going on over at their site today. My creative juices just weren't flowing at first, so I had her pick some characters to add to some of the different scenes and had her explain to me what she thought each character was saying. I won't go into the details of what we came up with, because I would like for you to check it out for yourself (you can also vote for our story if you'd like ;) wink) because in so doing, we have a shot at winning a great prize. Something that would definitely go a long way in providing enthusiasm to get her reading. You can check out our story here: Our Story. I don't know why, but some parts of what was written is missing, but you can see where we were going with it. If you'd like a shot at entering, get your kids and enter as soon as possible, because the contest ends tomorrow. Good Luck.

Friday, August 21, 2009

6-8 hours of battery life Say What??

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Second to last post for your chance to win an Acer

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Another short and sweet post

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Serious about winning a laptop

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Back to School (keep reading to find out how you can win $100 instantly!)

As all of you probably know, i'm a homeschooler. My oldest two, ages 5 and 7 are the ones that i'm working with for now as my other two are not yet school age. It's not always the easiest thing to do and requires dedication and commitment.

My oldest is going into 2nd grade and i'm actually moving my 5 year old to 1st grade with a few reflections on some things that she didn't quite master in her kindergarten class.

Our rituals aren't much different from those of traditional public/private school students, but I do appreciate the versatility of being able to take my children with and school them on the road whenever necessary. We have to buy school supplies just like everyone else.

This year as well as last, i've taken advantage of and appreciated the prices that Walmart has to offer on back to school supplies and clothes. I'm a stay at home mom as well and on one income, every bit of being able to save helps.

I still haven't decided if i'll homeschool them throughout their high school years(but as of now i'm not planning to). For now though, it is working out for us and i'm confident that they're getting a quality education.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Working Together

It's really amazing what can be accomplished when we do work together. The saying goes no man is an island and i'm about to give an example, short, sweet and simple where this was a reality in my life.

Cooperation Experience: It was my senior year in high school, and we had to read the story of Brer Rabbit.

Conflict: I could not for the life of me get an understanding of the story. The dialect just made absolutely no sense to me. So here I am sitting in my study period, knowing that the next class, my teacher would want to test our understanding of the story.

Resolution: I talked to a fellow classmate who'd somehow gotten the understanding of the story. He was willing to read the story to me, and somehow hearing it read from someone else, I was able to understand what was taking place in that story. Mind you I probably stopped having stories read to me in that way in elementary school during library visits.

Tips for working together:

1. Sometimes it's necessary to let go of your pride.

2.Don't be ashamed to reach out for help and know that it may come in an unexpected way.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

HP Back to School

I'm going to reflect back to high school for my back to school story because it's simply the best....

Senior Shurla. My Spanish teacher 9th grade, first class after lunch period. I remember how he put his foot down. I'd never had a teacher like him. "You will come in here with your work done, or it's an automatic F. Don't try to get your homework done during class. If I walk in on you and catch you trying to do it you will get an F. You will only speak in Spanish in my class." (i'm sure I paraphrased somewhere along the way, but the point was clear.) Any other time and F would be just an F, but his sterness and sincerity made it feel as though an F would be a near death experience. I thought to myself I am going to hate this class. Why did I choose Spanish? I remember the few times trying to throw my incomplete homework together at lunch because I was afraid of that man. Afraid of him walking up to me and catching my homework undone. I remember him having us take out our homework at the start of class as he'd walk down the rows making sure our homework was totally completed.

I remember some of my classmates making fun of him. He must have been quite short, because someone pointed out that he always wore stacks. I checked for myself and indeed he did. He always wore long pants that almost completely covered his shoes, I suppose to hide that fact. He had a simple haircut, almost mushroom like and mostly a stern face. Not one to smile often.

Senior Shurla turned out to be one of the greatest teachers ever and one of my personal favorites after I got over my fear of him marking an F on my paper. He actually made learning Spanish a reality and it was really fun. We'd play games on Fridays and the winning team would always get authentic spanish candy. Not the kind you can just find in a supermarket. I want to think he must have ordered it directly from spanish speaking countries. In his class I got to experience an authentic Mexican restaurant, a Spanish museum and El Rey Supermercado. The highlight of the class was Cinco de Mayo. He'd bought a pinata and stuffed it with more authentic spanish candies and some Mexican coins. That day, I didn't care about the candy. I wanted a coin that I would keep forever. Unfortunately, everyone beat me to them. That day his smile was like the sunlight as we enjoyed the festivities. I may have eaten the hottest pepper that I will ever eat in my life on a dare from him.

As you can see it turns out he wasn't so bad after all. He made us want to learn. He made learning fun and interesting. He wanted us to learn all that we could in his class and turned out to be one of the handful of teachers that really did give a care about each of his students.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Acer Aspire Laptop Giveaway over there....

Need a new laptop? I sure do. I need all the portability I can get. My husband just bought me one, but it's a refurbished one and the "G" key isn't working properly which is getting to be really annoying. See I just had to press it three times to get it in the word getting. Well you have a chance to win one by going over to another blogger's site by clicking HERE. Good Luck and don't forget to send some luck my way.

Monday, August 10, 2009

CSN Mattresses (Yes it's another giveaway!)

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CSN mattresses has so graciously agreed to provide one of my blog readers with an item from their website valued at up to $50. To enter, check out their website and tell me which mattress set you would love to have for yourself. This is the main entry and it must be followed in order for your other entries to count. You can get extra entries by doing the following:

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Plasmacar Review

"I'm going to get gas and i'm going to the park!" says my daughter to her brothers as she sat on our new Plasmacar. "Do you want me to bring you something back?" We were all so excited when the Plasmacar arrived at our place for review. It was easy to assemble and it's been loads of fun for all of us. My children have made it an almost daily activity to take a ride on their new Plasmacar.

No pedals, no gears, no gas, no batteries to worry about recharging. All the children have to do is turn the steering wheel constantly left and right on a flat surface to get it going. I really like that it won't go faster than the children are able to make it go. They start off trying to get the rhythm and it goes at a speed that i'm very comfortable with. As they get better with their timing turning the wheel, the Plasmacar goes faster for them, up to a top speed of 3.1 yards per second. I would also like to point out that it's sturdy enough to support 120 lbs on uneven surfaces and 220 on smooth surfaces. The Plasmacar is pure clean fun that allow children to use their own energy and imaginations while getting some exercise in in a very fun way. For more on the Plasmacar check it out here: Plasmacar and you can also check out more info and updates by following Plasmart on twitter at