Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zhu Zhu pets winner.....

And the winning entry as chosen by is

Comment number 15:

"karenmed409 said...

sweet tweet for today"

Congrats to Karen. I'll be contacting you shortly for your shipping information so that my sponsor will know where to send your prize.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Stop Taking My Husband

Lastnight was another one of those nights. My husband, in the hospital, being monitored for a health condition. I didn't post about the time before that he was in. He had to stay in for around 4 days, again in the ICU because he'd gone into atrial fibrillation yet again. I'm so thankful to God that he was able to get back into a normal rhythm on his own without the assistance of the doctors having to shock his heart back to normal, but I was still a nervous wreck while I waited for things to regulate again. I just hate when he's away.

You see, i'm a middle child. And i'm sure you know how that goes, you get kind of left out from time to time. On top of that, i'm one of eight children. My husband used to want to know what was up with all the clinginess. He's the youngest of two children and wasn't used to having someone cling to him like I do. I put it to him like this-- "I'm used to being surrounded by people. Now that i'm married I don't have anyone else around who can relate to me." In the eight years that we've been married, he's become my best earthly friend. I know it probably gets on his nerves sometimes, because I want to talk to him like many women would talk to their girlfriends.

So I just hate it when he's away. I wish they could cure whatever goes wrong at the times that it does so he can be at home with me and with our children. Life is too short for me to lose time away from my honey. He spends enough time at work.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting My Kids to eat Fruits and Veggies

Fortunately my kids like their fruits and vegetables. I can't say, though, that that has always been the case.

I remember when my oldest didn't like broccoli. I just knew that would be a losing battle, because his dad didn't like vegetables at the time either. That was until we'd bought Chinese food and the broccoli was covered in a type of gravy. *Lightbulb* I could disguise the taste and he'd love it.

Salad loving came naturally for him. He likes it because the different variations of dressing just make it so yummy to him. I think that the siblings who followed saw that he enjoyed them and just followed suit, so yeah that thing about complaining about what you like and don't like apparently does rub off.

I also like to buy 100% fruit juices to ensure they're getting more fruits in their diets. My husband just recently bought one of those fancy juicers so that we can juice our own fruits and vegetables. That way less nutrients are lost because it's fresher.

I like to mix different fruit into their yogurt and make fruit salad with whipped cream for desert on occasion. This also helps. For vegetables, I have to stick with the salad route. It's a versatile dish into which you can add many vegetables, just dice to make sure they're bite size and top with dressing.

Think spaghetti. A lot of kids like spaghetti. There's a vegetable blend variation sauce where you can get your kids to eat more of the stuff that's good for them. Try using it to make your own pizza as well.

By the way i'd like to add that even the persistence as far as my hubby has paid off. As long as I don't add to many veggies in one setting, he'll eat them. Don't give up.

There's a contest going on at Twittermoms where the first 100 bloggers to blog about ways they get their kids to eat fruits and veggies will win a Thermos snack jar to keep their cool snacks fresh for on-the-go, plus a coupon off Horizon’s new Little Blends yogurt check it out here: Twittermoms.

For more on the the Little Blends line up click here: Little Blends

Friday, September 18, 2009

Like to Give and Recieve? Get this widget.....

Have you noticed the widget to your right? Well this is a widget I created on Tinker that I hope will be an invaluable asset to all bloggers. Of course you don't have to have yours as long as mine. It's customizable.

I set this widget up to make it easy for us in the blogosphere to share what's going on at each of our sites. To make your updates visible to other widget users, just use #widgetfeed in your tweets. You can also get the code here to make the widget available on your site. Having the widget embedded on your site makes it easy to send out tweets also. You can sign right in and send a tweet all from the comfort of your blog.

I also think this would be great for sharing hot deals that you may know of, breaking news and just any info you think would be useful or relevant to fellow bloggers. Because it is tied to twitter, you are restricted to 140 characters. Please feel free to share this with any and everyone so that we bloggers can keep up with each other.

Where is the Heart of My Home?

The heart of the home is anywhere family time is spent together and we get to know each other better. For us, that happens to be in our living room. It's just the most time we spend together. We talk and do things together and just get to know each other better. We're entertained together as we all sit with each other and do something like enjoy a family oriented movie or play a video game.

Our new place has a fireplace. I've already imagined the time that we'll all sit there and warm ourselves on cold winter nights. I'll include a family clip. As you can see, it's not yet furnished, but where we'll be doing much of our hanging out is evident.

I've been prompted to write this blog post as a result of this post on Twittermoms. I can't tell you how much good it would do us to win this washer and dryer with four kids and one income. We wouldn't have to make those latenight visits to the laundromat anymore and we could save more money by saving gas. Please leave a "good luck" or other short comment, such as one telling me where the heart of your home is, because every comment helps. Thank you.

The prize is being provided by Samsung. Check out their lineup at Samsung Home Appliances.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ahh sweet relief...

As you all know we've made our move back to my hometown. See Home Again post. I had no idea it would be so difficult to find a place to stay. I left my parents house as a result of getting married, so therefore i'd never had the "pleasure" to look for a place to know how difficult it would be. Today, though, we finally signed a lease agreement and sealed the deal to move in Thursday. The kids will finally be able to once again consistently sleep in bedrooms. We're really excited about the fireplace that's in our place as well.

I never knew that rent was negotiable until this experience. We were able to get our place $100 cheaper than what they were asking and were also able to successfully negotiate our lease agreement. I did have to pray about the lease agreement part though because that wasn't looking so good up until the last hour before it was time to actually go in and finalize everything.

We've already seen the place, and know that we will have challenges ahead. The first one being getting my kids over their initial excitement of moving into a new place. There are doorways on each side leading from the dining room to the kitchen and they wouldn't stop running around when we went to view it. I know that this will take several days and possibly even weeks for them to get used to it and not run around. It's a townhouse, so we'll have to get used to climbing stairs every night to go to bed. It makes me a bit nervous because they're narrow stairs and the children aren't used to climbing stairs on a constant basis. They aren't carpeted either. We'll definitely be needing a safety gate for our 1 and a half year old. We will have to do a lot of replacing of our furniture, so on a very tight budget, i'm hoping that we can find something reasonable. My final challenge is how everything will be set up furniture wise. Otherwise we're very excited about it all. The neighborhood seems to be fairly quiet and well hey we'll be on our own as a family again.

Friday, September 11, 2009

High Style at Value Prices

As a mom of four children, i'm always looking for ways to save on clothes. How do I do this and keep my children up with the latest styles? Well i'm here to share some ways with you right now.

1. Wait for the sales. Don't worry they're coming! A lot of times we see things we want for our children. They're new, they're cute and they're the latest styles. They're also a bit out of your budget. Well if you're willing to wait a little while, you can almost always find things on sale for instance on holidays. There's always a holiday around the corner that will get the price closer to or well within your budget range.

2. Shop off season. When the season is about to change, there's a dramatic price difference. If I see a seasonal outfit that I want for one of my children and say it's a summer outfit and fall is coming in, i'll opt to buy that outfit in a size or two larger to accommodate my child's growth for the time summer comes back around. I also take into consideration if that outfit can be paired with say long sleeves and work out as a cooler weather outfit.

3. Shop clearance. You never know what treasures you'll find. Sometimes they're few and far between, but I bet you'll find something you can use at an unbelievable price.

4. Shop Outlets. You can find amazing clothes for an amazing value.

Speaking of outlets, Gap Outlet is having their semi-annual baby sale for newborns to 5 year olds from September 11-24. You can save an additional 10% off the already low and on sale prices at the Gap Outlet by clicking here for an exclusive coupon code.

For all bloggers, there's a contest going on where the first 50 bloggers who post about achieving high style at value prices will receive a $20 gift card to use at the Gap Outlet over at Twittermoms

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Luvs says you should Take A Stand

You are invited to Take A Stand. A stand for what? A stand for the things you believe in including not paying to much for diapers. I was just pointing out to a friend of mine today how i've been changing diapers for 7 years straight, because we'd welcome a new baby before the one prior was out of diapers. So yes I know that diapers can be expensive.

As a part of this campaign, on September 15th you can go to the Luvs Website and receive a coupon for $5 a pack of Luvs diapers. If you know mommies or soon to be mommies, please help spread the word.

Lands End FeelGood Campaign with Vickie Howell - Knit for the Needy

I wanted to share this video. If you don't yet know how to knit (like me) but would learn how to, this is as good a time as any. Your new skills can be used to help warm needy individuals and families. This video was produced to go along with the Lands' End Feel Good Campaign (see my previous blogpost).

Lands' End Feel Good Campaign

It's always a good feeling when you actually have the money to go out and shop. It's also always a good feeling when you have enough to give to help someone else. I want to share with you a way to combine these two, which will leave you feeling really good. Land's End has a campaign going on where they have a line of Feel Good Products. Now for every sweater that you purchase from this line, they're going to donate signature FeelGood yarn to One Heart Foundation's Warming Families which is a nationwide knitting charity. This Foundation, in turn, plans to use this yarn to knit up to 25,000 hats and other items to warm the homeless and displaced. For every blog post about the campaign from now until September 16th, we will donate a cone of FeelGood yarn to volunteer knitters at Warming Families. One cone of FeelGood yarn is enough to make 28 hats to be donated to homeless individuals in communities across the country.

How Fellow Bloggers Can Help

For every blog post about the campaign from now until September 16th, a cone of FeelGood yarn will be donated to volunteer knitters at Warming Families. One cone of FeelGood yarn is enough to make 28 hats to be donated to homeless individuals in communities across the country.

Your Chance to Win

After you complete your blog post, send the link to [email protected] you will automatically be entered for a chance to win the FeelGood collection including two sweaters and coordinating accessories (valued at $200). Three winners will be chosen at random and contacted on September 17th.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh the Slander!!!

So I just found this tweet on Twitter:

ResourcefulMom @ComeFollowMe I've had to unfollow you because of your prize behavior, but filling out a toddler shoe form when you DID NOT win? #blocked

Would you like to know what she was referring to when she said "my prize behavior?"

Well, she had a post back some time ago where she was hosting a giveaway for some bikes. She said in her blog entry that you can get as many entries as you'd like. So, I went to twitter and even went under a twitter id that i'd created that had very few followers and I began to tweet away. I then received this:

ResourcefulMom: Hey, friend, easy on the Schwinn entries. I really hate my contests associated with spam. Thanks!

So in return I sent her a message letting her know that I was trying to maximize on my entries as per the rules of her blog post, and per her request I stopped sending out the tweets.

I later found this tweet:

ResourcefulMomPet Peeve of the Day: People who will do anything to win a prize :(
4:18 PM Jun 14th from web.

I then proceeded to go to her site to remove my entries and to twitter to delete my tweets.

On to the toddler shoes. There was another contest going where toddler shoes were being given away. I entered and the form I filled out I thought was a form asking what size shoes you would want to win if you won. She's saying that I filled out the form for the winners. If that's the one I filled out, it was an honest mistake. I'm not one to try and claim prizes that I didn't win. I'm thankfully not that badly in need of a pair of shoes and just thought it would be a nice prize if I happened to win. So anyway, I responded to the above tweet that she sent with this:

That's unbelievable. I'm just now seeing your slanderous tweet from 9/7. I did not/ would not stoop that low!!

and then this:

@resourcefulmom @euphorialuv the only thing I recall doing is an entry form, but i'm not that tasteless. That is not my style.

and then sent this email:

I know you're referring to the bike giveaway you had back some time, but your blog said I could get as many entries as I liked. I was trying to maximize on my entries. You should have been more clear. The tweet that you sent out that day about your Pet Peeve of the day about people doing anything to win a prize was very offensive. I tried to explain to you that I used a twitter id that I had that had a very few followers because I wasn't trying to be a spammer. As far as the shoes, the only thing I recall doing is trying to enter to win my baby a pair, but to try and claim a pair that I hadn't won is totally not me. I wouldn't do anything like that. I'm not that desperate. I am very much offended.

and got this response:

I have the form where you filled out your name, address, and child’s shoe size - the prize winner form. I am sorry you are offended, but you are deceptive. Please do not e-mail me again.

Is that hurtful? How would you handle this because i'm crushed that anyone would think that lowly of me.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets review and giveaway. (closed)

Looking for the perfect pet for your kids? One that's all fun and doesn't leave behind a mess for you to clean up? This pet doesn't even need to be fed. Well let me introduce you to Zhu Zhu pets. They're adorable toy hamsters that my kids instantly fell in love with, well my three oldest ones. My 1 year old was a little bit afraid of the rolling wheels that keep it moving and it took a little bit of warming up for him. There are also many accesories that you can buy to create a whole little world for your Zhu Zhu pet and I like the fact that they're made to connect to each other.

I have to tell you the funniest story. My children were at my sister's when my husband and I decided to open our new Zhu Zhu pet. We let it run around and watched as it kept up the cute little noises that it does. It would run into the wall and then back up and turn and run another way. Well, we took our eyes off of it as it kept going, and it came up missing, just like a real critter does. It eventually shuts itself off to preserve the battery life, so not making the little noises made it really hard to find. I looked all over, so I thought, and ended up giving up for the night. The next day I decided to look underneath the couch again and this time I pulled it away from the wall and somehow it had gotten behind an extension cord that was under the couch. Guess I should have kept it in it's little hamster ball LOL. That way it would not have come up missing so easily.

As you can imagine, when my older children returned home they were excited to meet our new pet. I had to stop them from arguing over who was going to get to hold it. My 3 year old even took it to bed with him, but ended up dropping it behind the bed sometime during the night.

I have again been privileged to host a giveaway. The prize includes a Zhu Zhu pet and a slide with ramp for one of my blog readers. There are several ways to enter, but the first is mandatory for all others to count.

Mandatory Entry:
Simply let me know if you'd heard of Zhu Zhu pets before today in a comment.

Extra entries (please leave an additional comment so that each entry will count!):

1. Become a blog follower
2. Subscribe to my feed
3. Follow me on twitter @comefollowme
4. Tweet about the giveaway: "My kids would love to win a ZHU ZHU pet All fun and no mess PLSRT" (quotes removed). You can tweet once per day for an additional entry for each tweet. Just leave a separate comment for each.

This contest will end September 28, 2009 after which a winner will be randomly chosen. Open to US residents only.

Get paid to use Twitter? Really?

Like so many twitter users, I get those offers to get paid on Twitter and as a person who's fed up with pyramid schemes i've never clicked through to one. A couple of days ago, though, I read about a new offer, which I believe I first heard about on, where you can get paid for sending out tweets. I've excitedly signed up for it, and am very impressed with the perks of it. There's currently no cost to sign up, you get paid by reputable companies for sending out tweets, and you get paid even more when your link is clicked and others sign up through it. You can also refer others, and get paid a commission for referrals. For more information and to sign up, check out Sponsored Tweets.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CSN Mattresses Winner

The winner randomly selected by Random.ORG is commentor #5:

bridget3420 said...
Email subscriber

Congratulations to you Bridget! I'll be contacting you by email with further instructions on how to claim your prize!! Stay tuned for another giveaway coming up really soon!