My Job Chart. An Exciting (free) Site That Teaches Kids to Work

It’s not always easy trying to figure out a reward system for good behavior. I’m a mom of four young ones and i’ve been trying to figure one out myself. I’ve not yet been able to come up with one that i’ve liked everything about and stuck with it. How much money do you give them at this age? What chores are age appropriate? How often should they be rewarded? Well I received an invitation from BSM Media regarding a reward program that really does ease my mind when it comes to just this whole reward for chores thing. And one of the best things about it is that it’s free. The site is called My Job Chart.

What’s so great about ? Well where do I begin? I really love the way the whole thing works. When you set up your account, you can put pictures of each of your family members, including mom and dad, and each gets his or her own password. That way as they finish a chore, they can sign in under themselves and check a box for the chore that they’ve completed. Chores include things like making their beds, cleaning their rooms and brushing their teeth. They can be set for everyday or certain days and you can even choose whether they should be done in the morning, evening or both. You can use the chores that are there already, and even add your own! It’s set up so that they earn points, which can be used in a fully customizable store. They redeem their points for rewards that you choose, such as computer time, going out to eat, family game night, and the list goes on. Again, you can add your own rewards. You can even change the pictures for the chores and rewards if you so choose.

I like the fact that I can receive texts or emails notifying me as they finish chores and also when they’ve selected a reward. I can add bonus tasks so that they can earn bonus points and also there’s a place for me to send them a note of encouragement, letting them know how proud I am of them for completing their chores.

I could already see my children’s enthusiasm. teaches responsibility in a way that makes kids want to do their chores. I can see this working years down the road, as they get older because of how customizable it is. It’s given me more peace of mind because it helped me explore other ways to reward our children, besides giving them money as an only reward. I know that I can always go and change things up to suit my needs if they aren’t working out the way I want them to. I highly recommend it to anyone with children.

*Disclosure: I received the opportunity to sign up for and review this site in exchange for a gift card from BSM Media.

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