Rabbids Go Home Review

When you turn this game on and hear the music, you immediately get the idea that this is going to be a wacky, fun game. And it is. When the game starts, you go through a nunchuk and wii remote check, only to find out a “Rabbid is causing the wii-mote to malfunction.” I found […]

Important Update On Business Cards Giveaway

Quick post to let you know that if you were waiting to enter this giveaway to win the die cut business cards from Uprinting.com, don’t wait to long!!! The giveaway end date has been moved up to 9/29, which leaves only 4 days, one hour and thirty three minutes at the time of this post. […]

Win These Beautiful Business Cards From UPrinting.com

When it comes to having your own business, you want to leave a memorable impression on possible clients. Business cards can be a great start. In many cases, such as when you’re mingling with others and only have time to hand them a card, it may be the only chance you have to make that […]

Lasagna {Video}


Potty training can be difficult, but what do you do when you’ve tried, and your child doesn’t seem to be getting it? Well, my four year old is having issues. Many nights i’m up late, so i’ll wake him up when I go up for bed, but sometimes, that still isn’t good enough. This past […]

Tivo and Fall Premieres

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TiVo. All opinions are 100% mine. I have to start by admitting that i’m a bit embarrassed by the fact that just tonight I learned that Tivo is not just a DVR that just records shows and lets you play them back at your convenience. […]

One Child Proof Oven Please

I don’t have one, and at the moment, though i’m thinking someone probably does make them, I wish I did have one. I have a two year old, and he has a horrible habit of turning the oven on when no one’s looking. Many times that’s as high as it can possibly go. This isn’t […]

Introducing Playstation Move

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine. When I first heard of the PlayStation(R)MOVE, of course I couldn’t help but wonder what it would have to offer. Now that it’s here, i’m looking forward to owning it for my family. I’m all about family. […]

A PaperMate Giveaway for You

To go along with the Emmy Awards, I was sent some goodies of my own to host a Paper Mate party. We ladies had a wonderful time. We learned an interesting fact on the history of the Red Carpet. Did you know that it was originally designed for the railroad? Well I had no idea. […]

Suave Winner and Other Information

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