My Kids Love Their Intak Thermos Bottles!

I’ve been concerned about my children’s water intake. On and off I would think about buying them bottles to make it more convenient for them to have water readily available. I didn’t want just any thing. Especially after hearing of the dangers of BPA found in many plastics and so many things aren’t clear on whether or not they are free of BPA so I really put this off longer than i’d intended to.

I found these cute thermos bottles at Office Depot for $4 and some change each.

They’re stainless steel and BPA free. If you have a dishwasher, well that’s another plus; they’re dishwasher safe. They have a neat top with an opening that you can put your fingers through to carry it. The kids were really excited about them. When you put ice cold water into them, they change colors.

I was thinking I should have bought a couple more for myself and my husband. I looked them up online and found them for $14 and some change and so i’m thinking yeah, I should have. Oh well, at least the kids have something that makes them excited about drinking water, and my search is over.

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