Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday....Pics from Louisiana

Cajun Dome

Making Faces

Warm enough to play outside, the reason my oldest son wants to go back

Nanna, meet Nooni

All together now

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Win a Cute n Cuddly Cozy for Your Little Girl

When I first told my daughter that she would be getting a Cozy because i'd won one for her as a result of putting up a blog post, she was very excited about it. Now mind you, neither she nor I had any idea what a Cozy was, but the very name leads you to think of it as something very warm and comforting. Well, I did get to find out what it was before it arrived, and well today it got here. It's a nice blanket with sleeves designed for girls between the ages of 6-8. She excitedly got it unrolled and put it right on. We both like it very much. I like it because I know that she has something that's going to help keep her warmer in these wintery months, and though i'm sure she appreciates it keeping her warm, I think that even more she likes the fact that it's pink and therefore very girly.

Before I get into the details of the giveaway, I wanted to let you know about a contest going on with St. Eve's, the creator of the Cozy, where you can submit a "Saintly Mom Story" and have a chance to win a year's worth of St. Eve's Kids sleepwear. You can check more out right here.

The Cozy that I have been given to give away is solid pink, but the picture above is the only one I found to let you know what they look like.

The Giveaway

Following are ways that you can enter to win this Cozy. Please be sure and leave a separate comment for each entry so that you can be credited for each one.

Mandatory Entry:
Check out the Drama U cast members. If you mouse over them, it'll tell you information about each one. Tell me the state your favorite cast member represents.

Additional Entries:

1. Follow my blog publicly
2. Follow me on twitter @comefollowme
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6. Put my button on your sidebar
7. Blog about this contest and linkback (5 entries)
8. Tweet up to 4 times a day:

You can win a St. Eve's cozy from @comefollowme

This giveaway will end on 2/16 with the winner being randomly selected shortly thereafter. Open to US residents within the 48 contiguous states.

*Disclosure I received two Cozies from the sponsor. One to keep and one to giveaway to one of my readers. I was not otherwise compensated.

A Giveaway for Your Little Guy

I recently bought Legos for my kids and am very pleased that I did. I noticed that as they played with them, they didn't ask to turn on the television, nor did they complain that they were bored. It's a great way for kids to use their imagination and creativity.

I would like to offer the Monster Truck pictured above to one of my readers. I've had to put it up high, because my boys would love to get their hands on it (lol). This particular truck has an age recommendation for boys ages 7 through 12. You can check out more on it here.

The Rules (be sure to leave a comment for each entry):

Mandatory Entry:
Visit the Lego Shop and tell me one other toy or set would be great for your child/ren.

Additional Entries:
1. Follow my blog publicly
2. Follow me on twitter @comefollowme
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8. Tweet up to 4 times a day:

Win a Lego Monster Truck from @comefollowme

Giveaway ends on 2/16 and i'll draw a random winner shortly thereafter. Open to US residents who reside within the 48 contiguous states.

*By way if disclosure I was not compensated for this post.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Please Vote for my Baby Girl...She's a Finalist!!!

Hi there. Back a few posts ago I put up a picture that my 5 year old daughter drew. Well, i'm really excited right now because I just found out this evening that she's one of the finalists and wanted to ask for your help. Only one vote is allowed per IP address. Her's is the one entitled Strong and Sparkly. All you have to do is scroll past the pictures and check the box next to Strong and Sparkly and submit it. Thank you so much for helping!

EcostoreUsa product review and giveaway

Ecostore USA has come off to me as a company that is truly concerned about our environment. They're also concerned about our well being. I really appreciated the time they took to include a letter with the shipment as well as the additional information on the box of laundry powder, that let me know where they stand environmentally.

To first see the box of detergent, one may think it's a large sample size. The big companies have added unnecesary fillers to their products to make you think you have a lot, but that's not so with Ecostore USA. They have no unnecesary fillers. A little bit truly goes a long way. As I sit here right now, I still have the soap sitting on top of the box of detergent and the smell coming from the box is just so pleasant to me. I could just leave it here always so that I can enjoy the scent of it, but I do want to take advantage of it for what it's meant for.

Checkout Ecostore USA for their fantastic line of plant derived products that contain No nasty* chemicals. They have a special going on right now where all of their baby products are 50% off. Also shipping is free on all orders of $25 or more. You can find Ecostore USA on Twitter, on Facebook and also you can find more about them over at their blog.

The Giveaway

Ecostore has so generously offered to sponsor a giveaway right here. The winner will receive a $25 giftcard to use at the Ecostore USA website. I'll close the giveaway on February 7 at 11:59pm CST and draw a winner the following day. For each entry be sure to leave a separate comment so that all of your entries will count. To enter:

Mandatory Entry

1.Visit the Ecostore USA website and tell me something you've found there that you like about them (it can be a specific product or something they stand for environmentally.

For additional entries

2.Follow this blog publicly

3.Follow Ecostore USA on twitter

4.Become a fan of Ecostore USA on Facebook

5.Sign up for the Ecostore USA monthly newsletter (right hand side)

5.Follow me on twitter

6.Subscribe to my blog via email

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8.Become a fan of my Facebook Page

9.Copy my button code and paste it into your sidebar

10.Blog about this giveaway with a link back to this post

11.Tweet up to 4 times a day:

PlsRT @comefollowme Find out how you can win a $25 giftcard to @ecostoreusa here:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cozi is Giving Someone Groceries for a Year!!

Cool contest I found to win free groceries for a year
Hey, I just entered this contest on to win free groceries for a year. All you have to do is put in your email address.

Even if you don’t enter, please click the link to help me win. (I get an extra entry for telling you.) Thanks!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Strong and Happy

This is my entry in the 5MinutesForMom kids drawing contest. This picture was drawn by my 5 year old daughter.

(Ended) My Desperate Plea for an HP mini 110 (leave a comment for your shot to win too)

To many eyes the video above was just the lovely Dara Torres talking about the HP mini. But this mom of four, wife, homeschooler, blogger saw more. Look again. Look beyond. Dara at the pool, Dara at the gym. That's multi-tasking and let me add with class.

This little pretty comes loaded with Windows 7 and all that it has to offer. And as if that weren't plenty, the computer itself weighs in at just 3.22 lbs and has a full-size keyboard and an 11.6” HD screen.

Obviously I can't carry around our desktop, and while I do have an ipod touch, it's way to small for blogging. This HP would be perfect for me. A perfect fit for my very involved lifestyle. Something dependable with lovely extras that would allow me to easily do what comes almost as a second nature that's suitable for at home and on the go use.

Now for any of you who have followed my blog for about the past 6 months, you've no doubt seen my desperation for a new laptop. Post after post for contest after contest. Complaints about my laptop that I currently have. I mean, right now, I am using someone else's computer because I am still out of town. I could have brought my own, but the operating system on it is acting wacky, sometimes working, other times not. What good is it if it's not dependable, right? Almost useless.

So here, i'll stop just short of begging and give you more info on how you can get a chance to win one for yourself. All you need to do is simply leave a comment on this blog post. 3 will be given away to random commentors on participating blogs.

*Just added in a last ditch effort....S-Sang for it

*By way of disclosure I was not compensated in any way for this post. It is, again, my desperate attempt at winning one and was prompted by this post over at MomBloggersClub.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Over or Under? (leave a comment for your chance to win)

When it comes to tissue, do you like yours to roll over or roll under? Well, as a teenager and into my early adulthood I have to admit that I liked for mine to roll under. Anytime the tissue ran out and I changed the roll, you could count on it rolling under. It just seemed to roll more freely. As i've gotten [slightly] older i'm becoming more of an over person. It seems that I have more control over just how much i'm getting that way. Maybe it has a lot to do with having small children and so often needing only one square here and there. So to answer the question of over or under, i'm going to have to go with team over.

If you're somewhat of a stickler for how your roll rolls, check out Cottonelle Roll Poll and let everyone know how you like it by participating in a simple poll. Also, be sure to leave a comment on this post in order to be entered to win 1 of 10 Cottonelle gift baskets with winners randomly chosen on January 29, 2010 from all entries across all participating blog sites.

*Disclosure: By creating this blog post, I am entering a contest for a month's worth of Cottonelle toilet paper as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello from Louisiana

It's been long awaited. I've complained about my youngest two boys never meeting their paternal grandmother, known to them as Nooni. Well, they've finally gotten the opportunity at ages 3 and 1. I think she's starting to grow on them. The older two were shy about seeing her again, as they were only ages 2 and almost 11 months the last time they were able to see her. I've enjoyed the food here, though my mother in law has so thoughtfully made it quite less spicy than she usually does for the sake of the kids, who are not accustomed to such. They've also met some cousins whom they'd not met. The time is nearing for us to return home, but I already have a feeling that it'll be bittersweet. We don't intend to go as long between visits though. I almost forgot to mention how much i've enjoyed the much warmer than Chicagoland winter here. We left Chicago in 10 degree weather and have enjoyed so much more the 50 degree weather that the temperature has gotten up to. Of course the majority of my family is north, but I do wish I could rearrange the U.S. so that we wouldn't be so far apart.

As I get ready to close this post, I would like to remind you to stay tuned for some exciting things I have lined up for all of you. I'm really excited about the one from They have a fabulous sale going on right now that you just may want to check out in the meantime!

Friday, January 1, 2010

10 Ways To Get Fit After the Holidays

Ready to shed those holiday pounds? Or maybe you're like me and have more than just those old holiday pounds to lose. Here are a few pointers to help you along.

1. Back to good eating habits
The holidays are a time when many of us let loose and splurge on foods that we don't normally eat throughout the year. Let's let the splurging be left behind with the holidays that have passed. Incorporate better eating habits. Maybe the splurging began long before the holidays, but it's a new year, so make a new beginning for yourself and research some simple, good eating habits for yourself and you'll see a change not only in your weight, but in your health as well.
2. Start working out
This will help to burn extra calories and build muscle. The more muscle you have, the better your metabolism and the more weight you'll lose.
3. Grab a partner
For motivation, you know. You can encourage each other to workout. Workout out together. Get someone who's already faithful in a workout if possible.
4. Add it into your schedule
Make time to workout. Don't make excuses. I heard a good idea once that stuck with me. 10 minutes around your mealtimes. Two to three times a day. It adds up.
The next three sorta go hand in hand:
5. More fiber
6. More fruits and veggies
7. Add more whole grains
These are all good for weight loss and overall health improvement.
8. Eliminate some, if not all of those empty carbs
Not always easy to do, but definitely worth it. Try replacing somethings too, such as dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Cut back as much as possible on things like soft drinks. Drink lots of water instead. Water helps to flush and cleanse your body and you'll likely find yourself more energetic.
9. Take control of the time you eat
After around 8pm try not to eat anything heavy. Instead of going for leftovers or sandwiches, go for veggies or maybe even a spoon of peanut butter on a celery stick. I also like to add raisins. Get plenty of rest. I find that staying up late gives my body time to get hungry again. Sleeping releases a chemical into your body naturally to help with hunger.
10. Be committed
This is one of those things in life that you have to do for yourself. No one else can fight this battle for you, so be committed. The change you're looking for may come slowly, but if you stick with it, it will come. Finally, remember the weight wasn't put on overnight, and just as it took time to accumulate, it's going to take time to lose.

If you do have a Wii and are interested in using it towards your weight loss goals, i've heard great things about EA Sports Active which I would recommend looking into.

This post was written in response to this one over at Twittermoms.