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Are You the Ultimate Party Host? #snackbowl

By now you’ve probably noticed the banner on my right side bar. You know, the one that says “Be the Ultimate Pro Football Party Hall of Famer?” Well, I just entered that contest and I would LOVE to win it! You see, there is an awesome grand prize up for grabs that among several other […]

Thank You Oscar Mayer!!

Growing up, we had our share of hot dogs at my house. There were eight of us, and being able to feed everyone in a simple, hassle free way was important. I even used to buy them more often; well that was until I heard about the nitrites that are added. This raised a concern for me because […]

Box Tops for Education Flash Parade #myblogspark

By simply participating in the Box Tops for Education program, America’s schools can earn over $50 million this school year. Box Tops For Education was created by General Mills in 1996 as an easy way to help make a difference for kids and schools. Since then, schools have earned more than $375 million through the program to […]

Visit Frugal Family Fun Blog for Your Shot at an iPad..

Go to Frugal Family Fun Blog to enter to win an iPad and an assortment of children’s books courtesy of Target! (Direct link to enter giveaway is HERE)

More On My First Mom Blogger Conference

I’ve posted little things here and there about having the pleasure of attending my first Mom Blogger Conference. Something i’d been wanting to do and finally got the chance to. This particular conference was hosted by Child’s Play Communications. I didn’t have to get on a plane (yes!), but we did have to brave Chicago […]


I really try not to let parenting get the best of me, but anyone who has kids in their lives can agree that at least 95% of kids are going to try to get over on you in some way, shape or form at some time or another. My kids are constantly trying me. I’m […]

I Believe In Jesus and I Love Him Too.

This past week, I experienced something that i’ve experienced before, but normally something that comes and goes. My heart racing for reasons beyond my explanation. It happened, I believe Wednesday night and then again Friday. I’m not use to having this happen to me more than just every so often. So Sunday evening, after service, […]

Our Christmas In Rewind

The first picture is of our Christmas Tree. It’s the only source of decoration we had up for Christmas, and yet a step up from what we normally do as far as decorating, which is nothing. The second is my oldest brother and his beautiful wife. These two are my oldest brother’s youngest two. My […]

AP EXCLUSIVE: US says too much fluoride in water

AP EXCLUSIVE: US says too much fluoride in water   This is an interesting read (click the yellow highlight above to read it if you haven’t). I’ve heard in the past that whomever it was that convinced the government to add flouride to the water supply needed a way to get rid of his over-abundance of […]

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