Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I really try not to let parenting get the best of me, but anyone who has kids in their lives can agree that at least 95% of kids are going to try to get over on you in some way, shape or form at some time or another. My kids are constantly trying me. I'm fighting back.

Old Challenge...Revisited. When it's time for my kids to get themselves cleaned up, they can put up the biggest fight. No one ever wants to go first. I've even tried to convince them that whomever waits may not have hot water. That rarely works. I have devised a new plan. I think i'm going to have to put it into play the very next time they can't decide who's first :).

Oh. You're probably wondering what it is? Well, i'm thinking since the television is the biggest distraction i'm going to make them all go upstairs (where our bathroom is located) and as they finish, they can come down and relax. That way, they'll want to be first so they don't have to hang out up there. I'm thinking this is definitely going to bring about the change i'm wanting to see. Fight fire...with water.


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