Monday, January 31, 2011

Sony Bloggie Touch Camera Review

The Sony Bloggie Touch is a fairly new pocket camcorder. I like the size of it. It's just perfect for on the go. It's an HD camera. It fits right into my purse and is great for capturing those on the go and spontaneous moments. It has many great features that anyone can appreciate.

These features include a decent sized rear touchscreen. It has built in software that makes it easy for you to share your photos and videos through social networking sites. You can also set up family so that your media can be shared with them as well. With this software, as soon as you're done recording, you select, right on camera, with whom you want to share. Once you hook it up to your computer you just need to click one final button and that's pretty much it.

I also like the fact that you can take still pictures at 12.8 megapixels. You can even snap photos while recording. Totally awesome. The camera has face-tracking and does really good focusing on words, provided the lighting is right.

Some things I would love to see improved about this camera is definitely the zooming. It has 4x digital, but things start to get a bit grainy once you hit that 4x mark. I've also seen where others complain about the orientation ability when you hold the camera vertically. The sides get cut off and there's black on the sides of the video. I would personally like to see a flash added to enhance those 12.8 megapixel shots.

All in all, i'm impressed with the features of the Sony Bloggie Touch otherwise. If you can get around those little other things, it's a really nice camera. It's available in 4gb and 8gb options which will allow for 2-4 hours of recording time respectively. The Sony Bloggie Touch can be purchased at for $139 for the 4gb model and $159 for the 8gb model. I'm recommending because the actual in-store prices at my local Walmart were higher and the online prices were not honored. My video review using the Sony Bloggie Touch follows.

Thanks to Collective Bias for providing the funds for me to purchase this camera.


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