Yolait Kids Giveaway #myblogspark

Do you have trouble getting your children to eat things that are good for them? Well, mostly that’s not a problem here, but I will admit that sometimes I don’t always make the best decisions when shopping for my children. Especially since i’ve found out that i’m expecting. I have not had a lot of […]

Monster Trucks are coming to Chicago!!!

WITNESS THE THUNDER!  Chicago, IL will ROAR and RUMBLE with the nations most competitive MONSTER TRUCKS and FMX Stunt Riders as they storm into The Sears Centre Arena on March 12th and 13th.  See these incredible, high jumping, ground pounding, car crushing, axle wrenching giants race in side-by-side drags, wheelie shootouts, and then go completely […]

Monster Trucks are coming to Chicago!!!

http://www.youtube.com/embed/FUfubYHPGT0?rel=0” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Update on My Pregnancy

I finally made it to my first prenatal exam last week. They did the standard talk and blood draw along with other things that are normally done at an OBGYN visit when one finds out they’re going to have a baby. Upon doing the internal pelvic exam to estimate how far along I may have […]

Captured a Picture of Your Messy Munchkin? Enter It Into This Contest…

Have you caught a picture of your child after making a mess? Well if your child is between the ages of 0-5, or you have a picture of your child at that age that’s a messy one, you can enter to win this contest. There are only a few entries making your odds really good […]

Dr. Miracle’s, My Hair Needs a Miracle..

 When I was younger, and taking better (in a way) care of my hair, it involved a lot of relaxers and ponytails.  I’m sure that most anyone who wears their hair in ponytails often knows of the effects of trying to get the perfect, lay flat ponytail. Your hair really gets thin all around the […]

Still Trying to Get the Hang of This… Again

Just a little heads up. Today I had to go to the ER because i’ve not been able to keep much of anything down. It’s the worst i’ve had of all of my children. I’ve lost several pounds, instead of gaining and was just becoming really exhausted after doing much of nothing. The way i’ve […]

My Test Results

So i’ve been feeling pretty awful the entire month of January, and turns out this is why: Please pardon me as things are sure to be slow around here until I pass this part of my new pregnancy. Hopefully soon, but right now with the way i’m feeling I haven’t really been feeling like sitting […]

Sony Bloggie Touch Camera Review

The Sony Bloggie Touch is a fairly new pocket camcorder. I like the size of it. It’s just perfect for on the go. It’s an HD camera. It fits right into my purse and is great for capturing those on the go and spontaneous moments. It has many great features that anyone can appreciate. These features […]

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