Thank You For Your Votes!

A few posts back I let you all know that i’d entered a contest that was run by Isotoners Smart Fit Gloves. I didn’t win the $5000, but want to thank everyone who took the time to vote for me, because your votes got me to the Final Four and because I made it that […]

My Second Bladder AKA Potty Training Woes

You may remember back some time ago when I talked about starting to potty train my then 2 year old. Well, he was only 2 at the time and it wasn’t going smoothly and I thought i’d put him back in diapers for a while longer. And I did. Well now he’s 3 and we’re […]

So What Was in My Cravebox?

I just wanted to share with you the contents of my Cravebox which are pictured here. The contents included: Méreadesso which is a lotion that smells minty and citrusy. In my house among the women here, the thoughts of it are mixed. My sister doesn’t care for the smell of it. My mom and I […]

Are Antibiotics Making Us Fat? | Yahoo! Health

Are Antibiotics Making Us Fat? | Yahoo! Health

Comfy Critters #Giveaway #bglu

When I told my 5 year old he would be receiving Comfy Critter Seymour the Shark and showed him what it was, he could not wait until it got here. Whenever he saw a box that seemed large enough arrive, he’d be right there waiting for me to open it. Well we received it, and […]

Can You Spare Some Votes?

I decided to enter a contest, not knowing where i’d end up. I would not have thought that I would make it to the top eight, but somehow I did! If I make it past tomorrow, i’m guaranteed an iPad, something i’ve been trying perhaps a little too hard to win. I also have a […]

Oral B for Me #Momparty

Even before kids can talk, they will find some way to fight over the things that they want. They have to have something that’s all their own. Apparently Oral B knows how important this is, because they have toothbrushes that are designed for smaller mouths, whether your children are toddlers or tweens. Even more importantly, […]

SunRidge Farms Make Great Snacks for Anytime

If you’re looking for the perfect snack to serve up before Christmas dinner to your guests, may I recommend these made by SunRidge Farms to you? As a matter of fact, they’re good for anytime you need a snack or just want something satisfying to tide you over to your next meal or through the night. Not only […]

Gift Ideas for the Guys

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Blogger Bash held by Craftsman and if a guy in your life is into do it yourself projects small or large, Craftsman has something for him. Even before my husband went to school, the occasional need for a tool arose. Putting together kids toys, occasional minor car […]

My #ChiTag Experience #Giftguide

Whether it was because the children are a year older or because we knew more of what to expect, the Chicago Toy and game was a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for us this year. I really got to engage with some of the toy makers/manufacturers and find out more in depth about their toys […]

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