Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift Ideas for the Guys

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Blogger Bash held by Craftsman and if a guy in your life is into do it yourself projects small or large, Craftsman has something for him.

Even before my husband went to school, the occasional need for a tool arose. Putting together kids toys, occasional minor car repairs, and just little fixer-upper jobs that pop up around the house call for tools. Now that he has completed several certifications and is working in the computer field, he is in need of a wider range of tools. Some that I thought would be perfect for him, whether he would use them around the house or on the job, include the following from these new products released just in time for the gift giving season that Christmas is:

I really like that the first two of them have lights on them. All of them are small enough so that they can easily go wherever he goes. Now all of these are perfect for him even more so because we're still renting, and we can put in a call for maintenance when a bigger job needs to be done.

Someday we're hoping to own our own home. Our dream yard will be a large one that the kids can freely run around in. We also realize that we'll be responsible for our own upkeep. Some tools that I can see us needing include these:

These are just a few that I selected that I could see presenting to my husband or practically any guy, but Craftsman has also compiled a collection of tools fit for gift giving. They guarantee that there's something your guy is going to love.


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