Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Second Bladder AKA Potty Training Woes

You may remember back some time ago when I talked about starting to potty train my then 2 year old. Well, he was only 2 at the time and it wasn't going smoothly and I thought i'd put him back in diapers for a while longer. And I did. Well now he's 3 and we're back at it again, and as a matter of fact we have been for a while, but sometimes I feel like I have a second bladder that I have to tell when to go.

I can't ENTIRELY blame him, because our only bathroom is upstairs, and our stairs, in my opinion, are not "normal." They're kinda narrow and at one point I had to learn to count them to make sure I didn't miss one and take a spill, BUT there are those times when we're already upstairs and I tell him to go and he'll tell me "I don't feel like it."

Night before last I believe it was, my husband told him to go up to bed. He had to go upstairs anyway, but decided to pee right there on the stairs! My husband says he thinks it's his way of getting revenge on us and insists I put him BACK in diapers. I just can't. I don't WANT to diaper two children. I don't want to reverse and have to go BACK through this potty training thing with him all over again, but it is REALLY frustrating.

You could not have told me that potty training a child could be as difficult as it has been with him, because although I have a recovering bedwetter whom I think has finally mastered his overnight challenge, I have never had it so hard with either of the others. How about you? Have you had a child that seemed IMPOSSIBLE to potty train? Can you offer me any advice?


  1. First why not just get a kid potty he can sit on and use wherever he is? That way he doesn't have to tackle the stairs. Make things as easy as possible :) Potty training is about consistency. Don't put him back in diapers and keep encouraging!

  2. Thank you Onica :). We do have a potty, but had put it away when I gave up during round 1. That is a wonderful idea though.


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