Giveaway: Introducing Love With Food (5 Winners)

Love with Food is a monthly subscription where you get to try out foods that are themed to go along with the season. I received January’s box, and since many people have made resolutions to eat healthier, this month’s box is themed to go along with New Year’s Resolutions. Next month, being February, the theme […]

Mommy, Is Daddy Sleep?

This is a picture of my precious 3 year old. Remember, he was the baby. And he reigned as baby longer than any of our other children had. He and I had gotten pretty close too. How I spoiled him. Not long ago, my oldest son moved his toddler bed into their room because he […]

January’s Cravebox and Tonight’s (1/26/12) Cravebox Twitter Party Details

Check out the contents of January’s Cravebox in the video above or read about them below. Also there is a Cravebox Twitter Party taking place tonight at 9pm est. Topics discussed will include Healthy Ways to Cook How to Keep Up Your Energy Must Have Beauty Products  And Much More Prizes will be given out […]

Are You Getting Enough Water?

You’ve probably heard different takes on how much water you should be drinking. I’ve heard at least three. One says that you should drink at least 8 cups or 64 ounces a day. Then there’s the one where you do a little math factoring in your weight. Most recently I heard just drink until you […]

Your Complete Guide to Free Tax Tools - Yahoo! Finance

Found this on Yahoo. I know that tax season is here and I hope that someone find this useful. Your Complete Guide to Free Tax Tools - Yahoo! Finance

Yum Yum Dishes Make a Great Idea for Portion Control. Save 20% With This Coupon Code..

Snack-time can definitely get crazy. It often takes place in front of the television which means that you easily lose track of how much you’ve really eaten. That is until you reach down into the bag and are feeling the bottom of it. I was recently introduced to Yum Yum Dishes, which make it possible to […]

The Company Store Helps Keep Children Warm BOG(ive)O

Updated to show that this program will last through the end of March Families comprise nearly 40% of the homeless population and are its fastest growing segment This year 3.5 million people will experience homelessness in the United States One out of every 50 children will experience homelessness before the age of 18 More than […]

My Thoughts in Relation to That Last Post

Altering something natural that would have worked just fine in its original state just so that you can slap a patent on it and make money off of it is just selfish and greedy. Forget the value of human life and how we’d all like to lead normal ones. We trust these people to help […]

Must Read: What the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries Don’t Tell You

What i’m sharing is from a local doctor. I happened to get my hands on this newsletter because my Pastor and his Wife are both on a HCG diet apparently under this doctor’s supervision (with amazing results if I might add!) and my husband noticed how much weight they’d lost and wanted to know more. […]

Here’s To Your Health

Let me first begin by saying that no, I am not the healthiest person. I don’t always drink enough water, but that’s actually something i’ve been doing pretty well with lately. All because my husband bought me a nice BPA free water bottle that serves as a reminder just to have it in sight. I […]

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