Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby Update

Baby is now 3 months and 2 weeks. My how time is flying. Our little guy is, well, not so little. Some people have even guesstimated him to be 6 months!


At around 2 months, I noticed he started to swing those arms with clenched fists. Imagine getting a left hook from a baby on your lap. Fortunately there's still not a lot of muscle behind that.

He never has been a rough sleeper, but he's gotten even better and I also have the opportunity to sleep more as well, but I can't say I always take that opportunity.

He's a strong little guy. He does fairly well with keeping his head upright and even standing (supported of course) on his legs. He still doesn't have full control and if he topples over a bit, he needs help to get back into position. He's strong enough that I can sit him up (attended) in a nice comfortable corner of the couch so that he can get another view of things going on around him.

I have to be sure and keep his cute little nails clipped, because he's discovered that his hands are operable. I find myself getting pinched and squeezed and the things that he grasps often head for his mouth. Slobberville. He even reaches for things that I may be holding, including my iTouch. When i'm playing a game. Goodbye new high score. And it's so totally worth it.

Brothers and sister love him more than a new a toy. They're still excited about holding and smooching him and he's showing them that he loves them right back with smiles and giggles and little goo-goo eyes and loving stares.

And what's going on with me?

I've settled into this thing of going to bed late. It's become a bad habit that I need to break because I find myself fatigued throughout the day and napping like a preschooler. I have housework that needs desperate attention and i'm also trying to get settled back into a blogging pattern. That about sums things up, but hopefully i'll figure this out again. Real soon.


  1. Glad to hear that baby is growing well. My son was also a little chuckie monkey. Baby's should be round and solid :)


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