Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Thoughts in Relation to That Last Post

Altering something natural that would have worked just fine in its original state just so that you can slap a patent on it and make money off of it is just selfish and greedy. Forget the value of human life and how we'd all like to lead normal ones. We trust these people to help us to get better, but all they really care about is fattening their pockets. Killing us at our expense.

I think it's absolutely crazy how medical and pharmaceutical industries can bribe a doctor's office with perks such as vacations, gifts and who knows whatever else to get their drugs upfront in their offices. I personally know someone who says that although this activity is supposed to be illegal, it's still done.

I also think it's crazy how the FDA approves so much without appropriate testing being done and only when it's too late for many is that drug pulled and you start to hear about if you took such and such a drug or have a loved one who suffered or died you can join in on a lawsuit.

I don't know about where you live, but it seems that it's becoming all too common for a doctor to recommend an x-ray or a cat scan. I have a family member who has a knot on her finger and after having an x-ray, the doctor recommended a cat scan! Radiation and more radiation. I've heard that radiation causes cancer and personally think that more discretion should have been used.

These things just concern me and i'm venting. Hopefully without sounding commercialized. It just saddens me because I turn to them for myself and my children and don't want to see one thing get better while another breaks down and it's absolutely not called for. Hopefully you have a doctor who values human life and is truly concerned about your and your family's well being.

I do not and will not claim to know it all, but again, I do hope that somewhere along the way, i'll be able to help someone, somehow with my past and hopefully current and future research. I also want to remind anyone that the things i'll be sharing are informational and not meant to replace doctor visits, follow-ups or advice by any means.


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