Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Breads from Sister Schubert's (p.s. i'm in love)

For the first time to my knowledge, I had the pleasure of trying Sister Schubert's breads. I connected with them just in time to try their two new breads. The first one that i'm going to focus on are the new Soft Pretzel Rolls pictured above.

According to the package they're just like restaurant style rolls. I hope i'm not beginning to look like i'm too out of the loop, but i'd never tried pretzel rolls before. Now that I have, I do hope that any pretzel rolls that I have anywhere else would taste as good as these by Sister Schubert's. They've really set the bar high. The texture on the outside is truly like that of a freshly baked pretzel with a soft, delicious center. These tasted oh so delicious with butter slathered on them, but of course you could use them for mini sandwiches which would be great for lunchtime or anytime. My kids loved them too, so they're ideal for the entire family.

They come 6 to a pack and they're packed individually, so there's no breaking them apart. You take out only what you need. If they're frozen, they'll be ready within 7 to 9 minutes. If they're thawed, it only takes 3 to 5 minutes. Can you say great finishing touch to a comforting dinner?

The other bread that we were privileged to try were the Mini Baguettes. When I removed these from the oven and went to cut into them, they were perfectly crisp and crackly on the outside with a soft center. I honestly didn't know what my kids would think of these, but they liked them as well.

The Mini Baguettes also come 6 to a pack and are also very easy and conveniently quick to prepare at 7-9 minutes if frozen and 4-6 if thawed. Convenient again because they're individual rolls. Now I personally used them for sandwiches, but couldn't resist seeing what they were like with butter. Great both ways. The packaging also suggests serving these with extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs as an appetizer or snack or as a complement to any meal, which I can totally see.

Some other things that i'd like to point out about the Sister Schubert's breads that we tried are that they are free of preservatives, trans fats, and artificial flavors. Sister Schubert's gets major thumbs up because they taste really good to me, my children love them, and they can quickly and conveniently be served alongside or as a part of any meal.

You can check out the full line up of these breads at the Sister Schubert's website. You can also find recipes, cooking tips and special offers while you're there.

*I was provided with these products free in order to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed are my own and these breads are absolutely delicious!


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