$25 Walmart Giftcard Giveaway: Kickin It Up a Notch in the Kitchen With Pillsbury

I’m sure i’m much like you when it comes to food. If so, then you’ll agree with me when I say doing the same thing in the kitchen over and over week after week and month after month gets played out. There comes a time where you have to bring in some variations, whether that […]

Hello. I’m the Girl Nextdoor and #iBreastfeed

I am fed up. I often read top Yahoo news stories, and today I came across one that talks about how Selma Blair breastfeeds her child whenever and without hesitation as the need arises. I should be able to insert a big SO WHAT! Matter of fact, it shouldn’t be an issue. A few weeks […]

March Cravebox

Heads Up: Cravebox will soon be out of beta and spots will be opening up. Click here to be notified..

Giveaway and Discount Code: Are Your Feet (or body) In Need of Comfort? Try These On For Size..

Yup, they’re as comfortable as they look. These are my slippers from Nature’s Sleep. Pink, soft, they contain memory foam and they’re all mine. It makes a big difference when shoes are made from the right materials. I’ve been through shoes that, though cute, have left my feet feeling awful. And somehow when your feet […]

Giveaway and 25% off Discount Code: TVFlashbacks.com

Have you ever found a movie or show that you enjoyed as a child and you had to get it to share with your child? Just kinda leaves that little giddy feeling inside knowing that you can share something with your child that you enjoyed as a child. It also brings back that “The way […]

My Ghirardelli Experience

The first time I can absolutely recall trying Ghirardelli was when my hubby was still enlisted and we were going to a Hockey game. It was the Caramel squares and that first impression was definitely a positive one. I’ve come to expect nothing less than a pleasant experience with Ghirardelli chocolates. I received an email […]

Cranberry Naturals from Old Orchard. One Less Dilemma

Dilemma: Trying to cut back on calories while still being able to take advantage of health benefits of cranberry juice. Usual Options: 1. Settle for juice that’s been cut with water                      2. Settle for artificial sweeteners New Solution: Go for new Cranberry Naturals brought to […]

Giveaway: Seventh Generation and The Lorax to the Rescue

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” -The Lorax I may be about to embarrass myself, again, but until recently, as in within the past month, i’d never read The Lorax. I checked and it was written in 1971. Some of you may be asking […]

Giveaway: Trix Yogurt: Great News for Moms…

My kids love yogurt. Although i’ve never particularly asked them what they love about Trix Yogurt, i’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that it’s the fun varieties; the names of the different Trix Yogurt flavors totally appeal to them and making it even more desirable to them are the side by side colors that they sometimes […]

February’s Cravebox {Video}

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