Saturday, March 31, 2012

#FDA #Fail. Thanks for Caring...#banBPA

A parent arrives at the park. You warn this parent that a potentially poisonous snake has been spotted at the playground, but he says his child wants to play. By the way, you notice he has a machete. You watch from a distance. The snake surfaces. The parent just sits there and attempts to do nothing to the snake, even though the snake is nearing his child.

This is about how i'm feeling with the news that the FDA has decided against banning BPA. Despite the known dangers that products containing BPA have. I means these guys are supposed to be there to protect us. They had the authority to say remove this stuff and protect our citizens and they chose not to. I'm convinced that the lobbyists had a lot to do with this decision.

I learned even more about the dangers of BPA, including that it causes recurrent miscarriages, intestinal damage and behavioral changes in children. I also learned that it's even used in more products than I originally knew which include water supply lines and dental sealants! I had no idea about the dental sealants. Otherwise I would have been declining that "extra protection" for my children's teeth.

I do applaud companies like Rubbermaid who have taken on the initiative to remove this chemical from their products, but hopefully you agree with me when I say it's time to make these other companies accountable. If enough people stop buying their BPA laced products whenever possible, I think they'll get the message.

I try to look for products that specifically say BPA free. I've stopped buying freezer meals that come in the plastic containers. I also found an interesting chart at Healthy Child Healthy World that I hope someone will find useful for products that are not specific on whether or not they contain BPA. Stand up for your well being, the well being of those you love and the well being of future generations. Stay away from BPA.


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