Now a Miracle. My Dad.

My dad. I’ll start of by saying how much I do love him and i’m glad he’s alive. Around 10 years ago, my dad had a stroke. He’s been paralyzed on his left side ever since. Things have been up and down for him healthwise, but as I think back to just a little over […]

Giveaway: New 2 Box Cheerios Packaging

Have you ever bought cereal from your local Club store only to find two bags inside of a large box? If you’ve been there, you probably found that that was the first of at least two woes. The second is storing this big box. Oh, but wait, there is at least a third as well. […]

Give Mom the Gift of Sleep

If you have a child who rises too early or doesn’t stay in bed through the night, this just may be the perfect solution for you to get some much needed rest. It’s a Zazoo and even if your child can’t tell time, he/she can base getting out of bed on what’s displayed on the […]

X-celeRacers by Stride Rite

If you have boys who are into Super Heroes, then they’re probably going to love these new X-celeRacers. These tie in with the new The Avengers movie, which my boys got to watch at the movies with their dad this past week. I know that having these would be the icing on the cake for them.                            

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Nudo Olive Oil Products

As moms, we don’t always remember to take time to indulge in things for ourselves. We’re often busy looking out for our husbands and children, that we look over our own needs. I was recently sent an offer to review some products from a company i’d not heard of until receiving this offer, and I […]

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Create A Muvee

Are you looking for a gift that mom is sure to enjoy. Well if mom loves pictures and videos of her grandkids, you can create something special that is sure to put a smile on her face with this software from Muvee. Upon trying the software for myself, I found it very simple to use. […]

Thank YOU Oscar Mayer!

I could just do one of those kiss-you-on-one-cheek-and-then-on-the-other-cheek because this is so awesome!                                                                                     […]

Giveaway: Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler

Honestly, I have to say i’m guilty of not recycling. It’s not something that my family did. I don’t recall anyone ever putting much emphasis on it as far as people around me go. I mean I can vaguely remember a school field trip, perhaps to a museum (?) where it was explained to us […]

Giveaway: Cuddle Covers

Cuddle Covers is a great idea for pillows for kids. They’re soft pillow pals that your child can play with and use for naptime and bedtime. They are 50% bigger than other pillow animals. There are six fun characters to choose from for boys and girls. We received Izzy the Unicorn. You can use your […]

Jumpstart is a site designed with children aged 3-12 in mind. Kids can play for free with limitations, or a membership can be purchased for quite reasonable prices. When a child joins jumpstart, they create a character. From there it’s on to exploring worlds and interacting with children. It’s designed to be safe because the […]

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