Evenflo Bebek Trainer Cup Review

As a mom who normally moves directly from breast to sippy cup, surpassing bottles, I was excited to be able to try out this Bebek Trainer Cup from Evenflo. Before I agreed to review it, I did verify that it was BPA free, which is a big deal to me.

The Bebek Trainer cup is a four part cup:

It has the cup, nipple, handle and a top. I really like the three arm handle because it makes it easy for baby to grasp with little effort on his part.
The piece that dangles here from the nipple kinda created a love/ hate effect. It’s necessary if you want to prevent leaks, but my concern with it is if you’re out and about and can’t clean your hands, isn’t there the possibility of transferring germs into the baby’s water. I find myself not using it for the most part and therefore dealing with the consequential leaks:
When that piece isn’t in place, it is very likely that you will experience leaks if the cup somehow gets inverted or perhaps with a lot of bouncing around. This has proven inconvenient when we’re somewhere like at church, and I have to send another one of my children to open it to allow the trapped water to be poured out.

I appreciate, though, that I can get into it to clean it well. The nipple detaches and the cup has a large enough hole that I can get down in there for a good wipe.

The Bebek Trainer Cup has three holes so that baby can get used to things moving a little faster than a typical one hole bottle. I prepared a short video so that you can see how well it flows:


Overall, I will say that I like this Trainer Cup from Evenflo and I would recommend it to moms who would like to move their babies from bottles to cups. It can be used as early as 4 months. I’ve seen them available at my local Walmart and you can also find it online at BuyBuyBaby.com. They look to run around $6-7.

*A free cup was provided in order to facilitate this review. The views and opinions expressed are my own.

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