Wednesday, November 14, 2012

By George I Think He's Got It!!

From the time I complained about my now 4 year old just not getting the whole going-to-the-toilet thing til around a week and a half or so ago things had started to feel pretty hopeless. I knew that he knew when he had to go, but he'd get so caught up into whatever that he didn't even care and would just let it go.

I mean it was bad. I'd see him pacing the floor. The pacing would get faster and faster and if I wasn't on it to tell him to go to the bathroom within those critical minutes, well it would just be too bad. To make matters worse, he'd given up on pooping in the toilet too. And what made things even MORE difficult is the fact that our only bathroom is up our 14 stairs. The only good thing was that on the way up he could start unbuttoning so that he could be ready when he got there.

I think what may have helped was this.  His siblings had gotten the little mini etch-a-sketches that you find at the checkout at Walmart. One day he up and decided he wanted one too. I briefly talked with my hubby, as we were in the process of checking out, and we agreed to get it, but he couldn't have it until he went a satisfactory time without pooping on himself. When we got home, I put it up over our fireplace in plain site as a reminder of what he needed to do if he wanted it.

He began to do really well and went about 5 days and I thought it was time to go ahead and give it to him. He started to have little accidents here and there afterwards, and so I decided to take it back from him again until he improved, and again he did. With that improvement seemed to come improvement with the wetting himself as well. My only concern lately has been the bed wetting. I still wake him to go to the bathroom, which seems to be working for us for the most part. I'll be glad when this is all over and yet with our little guy getting older and the new little one on the way, it all starts again.


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