Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Someone is Giving Away 2 iPad Mini's and You Can Find Out the Deets Here

If you frequent blogs, you've probably seen an exciting platform being widely used that makes it so much easier to complete contest entries. It's one that when I first used, I almost gave up on, but i'm so glad I gave it another shot. Matter of fact, I use it in almost all of my contests that I do get to run around here. Well, I went to the Rafflecopter website tonight and found a fun little contest where you can win one of two iPad Minis. It's as simple or as complicated, depending on how you look at it, as guessing how many entries there will have been using Rafflecopter by the end of the year without going over. Closest guess wins. There are also a couple more entries that you can earn as well. Such as sharing the contest. Click here to get started because there's just over a month left to get those entries in.

This post contains links that will hopefully earn me some additional entries.


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