Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Giveaway Ends 8/2 : Mott's Medley's Fruit Snacks (4 Winners!)

Updated: Correction Ends 8/2!
If you have kids, you already know that the need for snacks can happen at any time. Morning, noon and night, between meals, on the go. Never fails. Mott's already makes great snacks (fruit cups, juice), and now they've added fruit snacks to this lineup.

My kids enjoyed them because of the taste. They come in two varieties which include Assorted Fruit and Berry. They eat them around the house and also don't mind throwing an extra pack in their pockets when we're getting ready to head out. Although they're not meant to replace fruits and veggies, I still enjoy giving them to my kids because they're made with fruit and vegetable juices.

If you'd like to try out these fruit snacks from Mott's, you can get a coupon which will save you $0.60 off on a box. You can also find Mott's on Twitter and on Facebook.

I also have the absolute honor of giving away 6 boxes to 4 winners!! That's right. There will be four winners who will each receive 6 boxes of fruit snacks to keep to yourself or share.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

@gleeguy Make Your Own Candy and Gum With Kits

Have you ever wanted to make your own candy or gum? Well, i've never attempted to make my own gum, but i've tried to make my own candy before, and if you don't absolutely know what you're doing, let me just be the first to say that it can be an intimidating process that will leave you just wanting to stick with what you know.

I received the Make Your Own Chocolate kit from and after successfully achieving making chocolates, i'm feeling like I can do this all over again.

Glee candy and gum kits are designed to do along with children. You may be thinking "Well geesh, if I can't do this on my own, how in the world am I going to include the kids..Won't that be even more of a disaster?" Let me answer that for you right now. No. :). It was an awesome experience. Everything comes pre-measured and the instructions are so clear that you have nothing to worry about. Even more, Glee is designed to be a learning experience for children, and proved to be for me too. There is a fact sheet that teaches more about the history of chocolate and you can go online for even more learning suggestions. I thought it was pretty cool that also included in our kit were 2 chocolate beans to try out with the kids.

Let me admit that everything didn't go 100 percent smoothly for us, but the fixes were quite easy. Here's our story and the mistakes made to help anyone wanting to try these kits to avoid making the same mistakes:

We started off melting the cocoa butter. Went smoothly.

When the time came to add the cocoa powder, I decided to let my six year old add it in. I ripped the package open and decided I wanted to open it wide enough so that he wouldn't have to do a lot of shaking. I should have used scissors, because I ended up spilling a good bit of it. Bummer! Fortunately, we had cocoa powder on hand and I made my best attempt to determine how much i'd spilled. In the end, seemed like my guesstimate must have been pretty much on target.

Oh my gosh things were really starting to look yum-my! After this step, it was time to let the chocolate temper. The glee candy kit has a neat thermometer included that you stick right onto the pot so that you know when the correct temperature is reached. I did happen to note on the instructions that I shouldn't worry and that my thermometer wasn't broken. It should have taken approximately 15 minutes for the candy to cool to 94 degrees. I think mine took longer. I did begin to think I had to have to one thermometer that actually WAS broken, lol.

Somewhere along the way of our candy making adventures, my son decided he wanted to play around with the starter crystals. This could have been a huge Oh NO, but fortunately he didn't get to play with them too long, and so they hadn't melted much. If they'd melted too much, we would have needed a replacement chocolate bar to grate up, which I don't think we had on hand. This was the second and only other oops.

After the chocolate reached the proper temperature and the starter crystals were added, we had the option of adding little things to fill our chocolate cups such as marshmallows, other candies, peanut butter, nuts or what have you to the cups before adding the chocolate. We kept ours all plain.

This is what we ended up with, the cups having been handled a little too much, but these were absolutely delicious. I had my share and perhaps someone else's too. My kids, of course, enjoyed these too.

*A candy kit was provided to us to facilitate this review. The views and opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Update

Well, here he is (with Nanna). Almost 10 months and my gosh just growing he is. He's at the point in his life where he's ready to start exploring. He gets angry with me sometimes, because he no longer just wants to sit there. He pushes back against me for me to put him onto the floor. Sometimes I just have to put him down and let him get into whatever his arms can reach.

He's not crawling yet. I didn't give him enough tummy time soon enough, so he just kinda scoots around on his belly when he is on it, but it's looking like he's more interested in trying to walk right about now. He started pulling up on his own around Thursday of last week. It was totally unexpected, because up until then I don't even remember him even trying that.

I thought it was taking a while for new teeth to show up too, but it looks like he's making up for lost time in the teething department. Poor guy looks to have been hit with about 4 teeth at once! He's taking that surprisingly well, though.

Update: Make that 3 teeth at once. That fourth one never pushed through so he now has 5 teeth.

I must say that his size (go breastmilk!) gets him a lot of attention, but that may not be much longer, because he appears to be slimming down. His hair is also doing better, as the cradle cap isn't nearly as bad as it was.

Well, I guess that about does it for now. Having this little guy as mine is such a pleasure! :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Update On My Dad

Well, my dad is back at home, finally and blessed to be alive AND in his right mind. While he was in the hospital, and after he came back to, he'd started to say some really weird things. Things that made no sense. I mean, he was putting words together that made complete sentences, but those sentences came together to form weird scenarios. Things like,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Getting These Wheels Spinning

It's been a while, huh? I have winners to pick, updates to make, posts to put up and such. Thank you so much for sticking around. If you are selected by rafflecopter as a contest winner, i'll be sure and try to contact you no later than tomorrow. Stay tuned for an update on my dad. Maybe i'll get a baby update in there as well.