Thursday, August 30, 2012

Giveaway: Bellybar- The Way to Enjoy Your Prenatals!

I've heard plenty about women who have a hard time taking prenatals. I've even had this problem on occasion myself, and I really love how Bellybar Prenatals is changing things up. Can you say chewy chocolate? Yum! Before my shipment arrived, my question to myself was if I would only get to have one a day, but come to find out, Bellybar must have thought ahead of me in that, because I get to enjoy two a day. One for prenatal and one for DHA. These are also ideal if you're trying to become pregnant or you're breastfeeding. I have several pictures to share because I want you to see these and some other great products from their lineup, but be sure to make it to the end of this post for an exciting giveaway where you can win a month supply here and info where you can enter to win a nine month supply from Bellybar.


These are the chocolate prenatals. To me they're just the perfect size. One is the actual prenatal vitamin and the other is the DHA supplement. 

Now if chocolate just isn't your thing and you would like fruity instead, or maybe you just want to mix it up sometimes, Bellybar has you covered there too. The prenatals are chewable, and available in cherry and orange flavors. To that you can pair up the chewy orange DHA supplement, which I found quite pleasant tasting. I would have opened it to show a little more detail, but since it's been warm and I didn't store them in a cool enough place, they're a little melty.

Finally, there are the bars that make the perfect snack and are designed to complement the prenatals with additional nutrients such as choline, vitamin D, calcium and iodine. They come in four different flavors which include S'More to Love, Berry Nutty Cravings (pictured), Lemony Lovey and Baby Needs Chocolate. Of the two I tried so far, and they were both delicious, my favorite so far is Baby Needs Chocolate. It had me licking my fingers and waiting for tomorrow to do it over again!

I hadn't previously heard of these products as far as I can recall, but upon using the store locator, I was surprised to find out that they are sold in stores such as Walgreens and Baby's R Us along with some other popular ones. You can check out the store locator here. Their tagline is Raising the Bar on Prenatal Nutrition, and that's exactly what they've done.

Before I get around to my giveaway here, I want to let you know about their giveaway on Facebook, where you can win a 9 month supply of their prenatals! Enough to get you through a pregnancy. All you have to do is like their facebook page and complete their simple one entry rafflecopter giveaway to let them know you do. There will be a total of 9 weekly winners.

Thanks to Bellybar, I will be giving away a one month supply, valued at $25 right here to one of you. You can even gain one entry by entering their facebook giveaway. Maybe you know a mom to be or new mom who'd like to enter? Please feel free to send them this way.. (thanks)

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I received free product in exchange for this review. No further compensation was provided.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Snack Pack Bakery Shop Pudding

What do chocolate cupcakes, banana cream pies, apple pie a la mode, lemon meringue pies and frosted sugar cookies all have in common? Well apart from being found in bakeries and causing a sweet tooth just hearing the names, they're now available as pudding flavors thanks to Snack Pack.

We were sent the banana cream pie to try out and I as well as my kids were impressed with the banana flavor packed into this cup. As a mom, i'm impressed with the fact that all of these, with the exception of the lemon meringue flavor, contain as much calcium as an 8oz glass of milk.

Snack Pack Bakery Shop puddings come in convenient 4 packs and are great for lunches, whether for work, school, or just to be enjoyed around the house. They're available in grocery stores now and have a suggested retail value of $1.12.

Free product was provided in exchange for this post. No further compensation was received and the opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Frozen Whole Food Popsicles with HopeFULL

If your looking for a way to do some good all around, here's a great company to do just that.

According to their website, the HopeFULL company was started as a result of being asked to prepare meals for a dear family friend of theirs who was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Lukemia. She no longer enjoyed eating, and since the founders, Jessica and Stephanie who are sisters and mothers, had experience making homemade baby foods, the request was put in to them. Their foods were found to provide their friend with satisfaction, soothed mouth sores, a full belly and much needed nutrition. Although their friend passed on, they decided to launch the HopeFULL company, which also dedicates some of its proceeds to charities.

The HopeFULL company  has kits available that can be purchased by anyone. You can even purchase individual products for preparing healthy, whole food popsicles at home or to give as gifts. The recipe book is filled with healthy fruit and vegetable combinations that your children will love helping you to prepare. The kits are PVC, BPA and Pthalate free, and the wooden spoons are compostable and biodegradable.

You can check out the site and find out all you need to know at the HopeFULL website. The HopeFULL company can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

I was sent a free kit in exchange for this review. No further compensation has been provided.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze. My Thoughts and a Blueberry Peach Chill Recipe

Whether you're lactose intolerant or want something with less fat and calories than milk, Blue Diamond's Almond Breeze is a great way to go. It can be enjoyed straight from the box, or used as a milk substitute in some recipes. It comes in three varieties which include original, vanilla and chocolate and you can get it sweetened or unsweetened.

I really didn't know what my children would think about trying this out. Especially the ones that are unsweetened. My kids, though I can get them to eat fruits and most vegetables without a problem can be really picky when it comes to certain things. I was in shock when my second to youngest son tried  this Almond Milk and just lit up! After letting them try each of the varieties that we had on hand and announcing to them that they could have some whenever they wanted they even cheered!

Now here's a simple recipe for Blueberry Peach Chill:

You will need:

1½ cups (12 oz) Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze Almond Milk
1 cup frozen Unsweetened Blueberries
2 small peaches pitted and sliced (approx 1 cup)
2 ice cubes

Blend all ingredients until smooth and garnish with additional blueberries or peaches if desired.

Thanks to Blue Diamond Growers for this recipe. You can also find several others by visiting the recipe section of their site.

I was provided with free product to facilitate this review. No further compensation has been provided.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School with Purex

Well, it's that time again, or at least i'd say for most. And guess what, Purex has moms and students in mind. If you're looking for a way to get back into the swing of things or need a list of back to school essentials, be sure to check out the to School website, where you can find useful information whether your kids are just starting out as pre-schoolers, or are already pros on their way to college.

While you're there, be sure to check out their contest for your shot at winning $1000 AND also be sure to like their Facebook page for a chance to win up to $10,000!

Char Crust Dry Rub Review

I absolutely love great tasting food, and when it comes to barbecue there are no exceptions made here either. It's something we do occasionally throughout the year, and something I want done right. I was excited to be able to try out these spice rubs from Char Crust, and thought it was pretty awesome that they're made not too far from me.

Char Crust spices are simple to use. All you do is dredge your meat in them and they're ready to go. I even tried one of the flavors on baked chicken, and it does just as good if you're baking. They're all suitable for all meats, according to the packaging, but some do say that they're best on specific meats that are listed on the packaging.

While some were just perfect, one thing I would almost complain about is that some of them don't seem to have enough salt, BUT if you weigh in the fact that sometimes you want the addition of dipping or coating sauces or that someone may like less salt, this does work out. I know that I can always go back and add salt when I want to.

I received four to try out, but after checking out the site, there looks to be a total of 10 varieties.

Char Crust Dry Rubs are available at the Char Crust website and can also be found in certain stores. You can use their store locator to find out if they're sold near you.

I received free product to facilitate this review. No further compensation was provided.

Knot Genie..Could This Be the End Of Hair Knots?

Are you ready to join the thousands and thousands of mamas who no longer dread the hair brushing drama? Then The Knot Genie Detangling Brush is for you! The Knot Genie and Teeny Genie were created to not only to make brushing of even the most unruly hair effortless, but to create peace in households around the world at bath time. Their unique bristles act like little "fingers" gently untangling knots and tangles. The amazing Knot Genie magically gets rid of knots. Not to mention complaining.

Want a coupon that saves you $4 to try it out? You can get that by clicking this link.

There's also a contest where you have the chance to win $500!!!

With the introduction of four new Knot Genie colors in our limited edition   Back to School Collection, we’re also running a fun contest. The contest is called, the Knot Genie Back to School Morning Meltdown contest.  If you’re a parent,  you’ve  probably experienced a foot stomping-shrieking-morning meltdown at that critical time when you’re trying to get your child off to school. Recount (if it’s not to painful) your worst meltdown and  how you diffused the situation and enter your story in our contest. Ask  your friends  and family to vote for your entry and you could win $500.00. The first 50 people to enter will get great prizes just for participating.

That contest can be found by clicking this link.

Disclosure: I've not personally tried this product, but it's one that sounds promising. This post gets me the chance to try one out for myself.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creativity For Kids Review

I was so excited when I received these packages to share with my daughter and some of her friends. She was just about as excited, if not more, to be able to be able to get creative with them. I was and remain impressed with the variety of things there are for children to do within these kits. Something for everyone.

Headbands, Artivity books that allow girls to discover their inner fashion designer, necklaces, bracelets, totes. These all were great for allowing each to express their individual creative style.

We started off with the totes so that they could have something to put all of their goodies into.

Everything turned out so nicely. No two of anything turned out just alike, and the girls had a blast!

Thanks to MomSelect, MommyParties, BSM Media and Faber Castell/Creativity for kids for providing these items in exchange for my feedback. The opinions expressed are my own.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Touch Magic Toys from Leapfrog

These are two new toys from Leapfrog. They're called Touch Magic becuase there are no buttons to actually press, but the surfaces are sensitive to touch, and therefore easy for even young children to play and learn with. They both go through the alphabet song, and then there are some songs that are just there for fun. These LeapFrog Touch Magic Toys are a great way to introduce your children to music.

This little guy here has music in his bones and he really enjoyed playing with these toys. He even played both at once. I definitely see a budding musician. These are great for someone his age because he gets to familiarize himself with the sounds of a keyboard, drums and guitar and get some learning in all at the same time.

The Touch Magic Guitar comes with the strap, which gives it more of a "real thing" feel. It plays 10 different songs which can be with or without a singer and even has touch "buttons" where children can add drums, applause, special sound effects or change between guitar styles. If you strum it slowly, the music is played at a regular tempo, but strum it fast and things speed up.

The Touch Magic Learning Bus goes a little more in depth. It has 3 modes which include learning, game mode, which is kinda like a quiz, and music mode. I like how it gives examples of words that start with each letter to introduce children to phonics. It has a mini keyboard located at the bottom of it with the two wheels serving as drums. These can be played alone or along with the characters on the bus.

These both retail for around $24.99 and can be purchased at and other major retailers.

I'd also like to inform you of a contest where you can shoot some footage of your child with one of LeapFrog's new Touch Magic toys for a shot at one of four $500 prizes. I did try to get through to the contest site several times today unsuccessfully, and so it looks like there are some server issues going on. Hopefully things will be resolved soon, but the contest ends in November which gives plenty of time to get those videos in. For more information, be sure to check out for complete details.

Thanks to BSM Media, MomSelect, MommyParties, LeapFrog for providing these items in exchange for my feedback. The opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Cottonelle "Name It" Contest

I just entered this contest and you can too. The prize is a year's supply of their Ultra Comfort Care toilet paper and Cottonelle Fresh Care flushable wipes. The contest ends 2/25/2013 with two winners being selected weekly. Check this contest out here:

<!- Cottonelle “Name It” - Contest / Clever Girls Snippet -> <!- END Clever Girls Snippet ->

This post includes me in a contest to win a prize from Clever Girls Collective.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

LunchBlox from Rubbermaid Review

If you're looking for a way to pack school and/or office lunches, Rubbermaid has the solution in their LunchBlox Sandwich Kit, which is pictured above. The containers are a great size, especially if portion control is a concern. They are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe and also BPA free.

LunchBlox containers are designed so that you can save space while keeping things organized. If you notice, there are spaces on each top. The bottoms of the containers snap just slightly onto the tops, which is a nifty feature to help keep things neatly stacked.

Then there's the ice pack, on which the containers can also snap, allowing you to keep your lunch chilled when you're out on the go. I was thinking this would be perfect to go in one of those insulated bags (Rubbermaid carries insulated bags designed perfectly for these LunchBlox Kits).

I do personally wish the containers could snap just a tad bit tighter onto the lids, but otherwise I find these as a perfect solution for lunch on the go. Rubbermaid also has similarly designed salad kits and entree kits. You can also purchase additional containers if needed.

LunchBlox Kits are the perfect solution when you want to save some money. Whether you buy in bulk or want to take along homemade foods, i'd recommend these as a great way to go.

A free LunchBlox Kit was provided to me in order to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed are mine.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Carmex Giveaway: How's The Weather Treating Your Lips?

I can't speak for yours, but mine have been through this year. Dry, chapping, cracking, hurting. That about sums up the summer, but soon comes fall winds and winter cold. Licking, as we all probably know by now, just doesn't do it, but it's great to know that Carmex is on the case, and in them we have a lasting brand we can look to for our lip-care needs. 

Carmex has introduced their new Pomegranate flavor:

And one reader is going to win it along with a bunch of other flavors and this stylish Carmex tote!

I just had to add in that I like the little wallet that is attached so that you can carry around id's and other cards and even your Carmex so that you don't have to dig if you like to carry around a lot when you're out and about.

This is going to be a short term giveaway and I will need the winner to contact me within 24 hours of being selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Get Your Projects Noticed with AstroBrights Paper

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When it comes to attracting attention, I think that we can all agree that bright and colorful is the way to go. Astrobrights Paper gives you 23 color options which can take your projects from ordinary to extraordinary! How's that for awesome?

AstroBrights papers can be used for personal projects including invitations, craft projects, homemade greeting cards and even to create a scrapbook to save thoses memories made during your summer adventures. They're also suitable for office use including flyers, brochures and other presentations.

A new school year is just around the corner, and for some even, already is. That means getting back strict on schedules. Use Astrobrights Paper to totally redesign those schedules and even chore charts. They're also ideal for science fairs and other school projects, there are a host of other things where AstroBrights paper can sure come in handy. 

I would also like to inform you of a contest being held by AstroBrights where you can win a cash prize and school supplies valued at $30,000 for the school of your choice, public or private, in the "Give a Brighter Year" sweepstakes! It's as simple as filling out a form which should take no longer than 2 minutes. You can even gain additional entries by completing surveys.

You can also check out the family-friendly "Make Something AstroBright" design challenges where you can unleash your creativity and show them off for a chance to win AstroBrights Paper and other prizes. For more, be sure to check out Astrobrights on Facebook.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kolcraft 2-in-1 Activity Walker Review {Video Included}

With a baby getting older and time nearing for him to walk, I was really excited to get to review this two in one walker from Kolcraft. When we took it out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there weren't a lot of parts and to know that assembly would be easy. Here's what was in the box.

The main frame of it has a leg that lets out in the front and using the walker is as easy as snapping that leg into the hole in the front. This also means that this walker is easy to transport back and forth if you're headed out on, say, a road trip to nanna's.

These are the other remaining parts, which include the activity part which gets attached to the tray, the seat and the wheels.

The only tool we needed was a screwdriver to open the compartment to install batteries.

Some features I didn't particularly care for are that the seat is supposed to be adjustable. There's just a bit of a strap on the outside of the seat where the baby's behind is, and it may have about an inch to two of give, which really doesn't do much for adjusting it. I personally didn't see the difference and therefore this feature did us no good. Another thing is, as you can see, I have a chunk of a baby (thanks to breastfeeding) and it's a bit of a struggle when it's time to take him out.

Now this is a two in one walker which means there's another function which i'll explain now. Once I feel my baby is ready and a little more steady on his feet (which he's working on), this walker doubles as a walk behind. The fabric portion of the seat unsnaps and there's a bar that you push forward that supports the back of the seat, and the baby can use it that way until he's ready to fly solo. This is one feature i'm really looking forward to being able to use and excited about because this means we don't have to go back out and spend more money on a separate toy to help him get that much needed practice before walking on his own.

I like that this activity walker keeps my baby entertained for longer than I thought it would which gives me time to free my hands and lap. I appreciate that it has a tray on which I can put snacks and also a cup holder, so there's plenty to keep him busy. Besides, it makes him feel a little more independent like the others walking around here. Here's that video I promised:   


The Kolcraft 2-in-1 Activity Walker comes with a 1 year warranty and can be found at for about $40.

I received this walker in agreement for posting a review. The opinions expressed are my own.