Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Info on a Vitamix Giveaway

This isn't my personal giveaway (although I wish it was), but you can enter to win one of these babies by visiting and liking this Facebook page and completing a simple entry form. It's valued at $449! I can't seem to find official rules or an end date, but I do trust Mom Blogger's Club which is where I obtained the information on this contest. I would recommend entering as soon as you can.
Disclosure: I received extra entries for sharing this blog post.

Freschetta and The Strength of 1

Every ONE of us has the power to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. The makers of Freschetta® pizza are looking for women to help spread the word about their The Strength of 1™ campaign to help further its mission - to inspire everyone to realize they can make a difference in some way - big or small - in the fight against breast cancer.

Now through the end of October, 2012, the makers of Freschetta® pizza are helping to promote breast cancer awareness through their new The Strength of 1™ campaign, which includes sponsoring Bright Pink, the only national non-profit organization focusing on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women, while providing support to high-risk individuals. The mission of this The Strength of 1™ initiative is to inspire everyone to realize they can make a difference in some way in the fight against breast cancer.

Take The Pledge - Join other women and take the pledge to show you have The Strength of 1™ power within you. You can do so at

Now there are several ways that you can take the pledge from pledging to learn more about the risk factors, gather your family history, make sure you're self aware of any changes in your breast tissue by way of monthly exams for which you can get monthly reminders via text. You can also pledge to speak up should you notice changes in your body, schedule an annual OB visit, donate, encourage a friend who's fighting breast cancer or even purchase a Freschetta pizza this month. You can choose one or even all.

I would like to encourage you to join the movement by sharing a story about how someone has made a difference, taking The Strength of 1™ pledge on Facebook, or help by spreading the word on Twitter which can be done by simply clicking the Twitter share button at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: In sharing this information, I have a chance at a prize, but chose to share it because as a woman this is an issue that personally concerns me.

Chia Vie Smoothie Drinks

The right time for a smoothie for me is anytime of day. Unfortunately, though, I don't always have the time, convenience or supplies on hand to make them. I was sent a Chia Vie Mango Smoothie to try out and let me tell you it was delicious. I really appreciate that it goes beyond just providing fruit, but a lot of other nutrients needed by our bodies at any given time.

I've just recently started hearing about the nutritional benefits of the chia seed. Benefits such as helping to balance blood sugar, helping to keep you energized, age defying antioxidants and since they gel up, they help to keep you feeling fuller longer (see this site). Chia seeds are added to the chia vie drinks, and though they are noticeable, they're not a problem because they slide right down with the rest of the drink.

Chia Vie drinks contain 2 servings of fruit, no added sugar, they're vegan, gluten free and still manage to be a delicious drink suitable for on the go or anytime. One last thing I'd like to point out is that they come in aluminum bottles which seem to help with temperature control and no refrigeration is required.

Wanna learn more? Check out the Chia Vie site for more information which includes where you can purchase these for yourself.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Adorable Video..Caterpillar Captures Gorillas Attention


Monday, September 24, 2012

Cold Prevention and Relief

Are you ready for it? The tickle in your throat, the coughing, sniffling and sneezing? Every year, there are over one billion colds in the United States and more than 200 different viruses are known to cause the signs and symptoms of the common cold.
 We all know the common wisdom to get rid of a cold: rest, drink fluids and wash your hands. However, there are other innovative ways to ease your discomfort and relieve the symptoms of the common cold! Below are some natural ways to keep your cold at bay, along with a round-up of products that use them as ingredients!

Natural Ways to Stop Your Cold 
 Zinc Gluconate: Because of zinc's antiviral properties, taking a well-formulated zinc cold remedy, such as zinc gluconate, at the onset of a cold can significantly reduce the cold's duration and severity, according to a comprehensive review of medical research on the subject. The delivery method of zinc is critical to its effectiveness; certain additives can prohibit the zinc icons from being released. Carefully research your zinc product choice to ensure effective treatment.

Product: Cold-EEZE Oral Spray
Honey: Aside from being a great sweetener, honey is also a time-tested remedy for coughs and loaded with antioxidants. Studies have shown that buckwheat honey may provide better relief of nighttime coughs than over-the-counter (OTC) cough syrups and can help sooth your throat.  
 Product: Maty's All Natural Cough Syrup
Fenugreek: Fenugreek tea helps to clear out mucus, reduce respiratory inflammation, and ease your urge to cough. Recent research suggests that fenugreek may also have powerful antiviral properties
 Product: Alvita Teas Fenugreek Seed Tea
Garlic: Garlic has potent antiviral and antibacterial properties to help fight infection. Mix freshly chopped garlic with food, take it with a teaspoon of honey, or brew some into a tea.
 Product: Trader Joe's Crushed Garlic
Pomegranate: Packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and zinc, pomegranate juice boosts your immune system and helps your body defend itself.
 Product: POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice
Cayenne Pepper: A small bit of dried cayenne pepper powder, made into a tea with lemon or mixed into a broth, will help clear up congested sinuses as well as aiding circulation to fend off chills.
 Product: Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper

I received this information and thought it would be interesting to share, and so i'm passing it along. Hopefully you find it useful.

Progresso Starters Cooking Sauce Coupon

Progresso has released its new line of Progresso Recipe Starters sauces. We can´t wait for you to try them! You and your readers can get a head start with dinner on busy weeknights this September with coupons for Progresso Recipe Starters. Get $0.65 savings off the purchase of 1 can of Progresso® Recipe Starters Cooking Sauce with this coupon.

In addition, you can visit here to download a printable coupon for $1.25 off the purchase of 4 cans of Progresso® Light soup. Creamy Progresso Light soups are a satisfying and delicious way to help maintain your weight. Varieties such as the Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese or the Chicken Pot Pie Style pack a flavorful punch in 100 calories!

Wish Primrose Schools a Happy Birthday and Enter to Win a Great Prize

Primrose 30th Birthday    
Birthdays are the perfect occasion to reflect upon the years past and celebrate the great things to come! When you're celebrating a milestone birthday like the big 3-0, there's even more reason to break out the hats, streamers and cake to party! This month, we're wishing a happy birthday to an organization that has been enhancing the lives of children for 30 years, Primrose Schools®. And even though it's their birthday, it comes as no surprise that they want to gift an amazing party to one lucky child (ages 1-5) through their 30th Anniversary Birthday Party Sweepstakes on Facebook.
You can get in on the festivities from now until September 30th by entering the Primrose Schools 30th Anniversary Birthday Party Sweepstakes on Facebook. One lucky family will win a Music Class-themed birthday party celebration for their child (ages 1-5) and 15 friends! This awesome prize includes everything you'll need for an amazing party- including goodie bags, a gift card for snacks and a Music Class representative flying to your home to personally host the celebration and incorporate activities from the award-winning, music education program, The Music Class©! You'll have a year (from October 1, 2012- October 1, 2013) to redeem this unforgettable opportunity and all you have to do to enter is:
  • "Like" the Primrose Schools Facebook page
  • Click the contest tab
  • Enter your email address, child's date of birth, name and zip code.
  • You can even invite friends to enter using your personalized invitation, and earn one additional contest entry for every friend who enters the sweepstakes.

The winner will be announced on the Facebook page on or after October 1, 2012. Check out the full contest rules on the Sweepstakes tab.

Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a gift card in exchange for this post.  No monetary exchange took place. This post also contains an affiliate link.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Save on New Light Progresso Creamy Soups

Hi Milcah,
Though summer is winding down, soup season is just gearing up! If you´re craving rich and creamy flavors, but don´t want to splurge on calories, the two new creamy flavors of Progresso® Light soups are here with a reason to celebrate!
At 100 calories per serving, now you can indulge in warm, creamy soups like Light Creamy Potato with Bacon and Cheese* and Light Chicken Pot PieStyle* without feeling guilty. Packed with indulgent, satisfying flavor, these two new Light creamy soups are the perfect way to make thoughtful eating decisions without sacrificing incredible taste.
  • These two new Progresso Light creamy soups are joining the lineup of more than 40 flavorful soups that are 100 calories or less per serving
  • These Weight Watchers® endorsed soups have 100 calories and a 2PointsPlus value per serving
  • The Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese variety boasts pieces of potato with savory bacon and rich cheese flavor
  • The Chicken Pot Pie Style variety exudes a home-style essence with cuts of white-meat chicken, hearty potatoes and classic vegetables
Is your mouth watering yet? Want to give these new Light creamy soups a try? Then grab your soup soon and download a printable coupon for $1.25 off the purchase of 4 cans of Progresso® soup today! Be sure to share this coupon with your family, friends and readers so they too can take advantage of the savings and try Progresso Light creamy soups!
To find out more and to keep up with the latest news from, visit and be sure to "Like" them on Facebook!

Save on New Fiber One Nutty Clusters and Almonds Cereal

Ready to go nuts over fiber? Fiber One® just introduced the newest flavor in their cereal line-up, Fiber One® Nutty Clusters & Almonds! With the perfect combination of crunch and sweetness, this new cereal is a great (and tasty!) way to help get fiber you need. 

Contains 11 grams of fiber (43% of the Daily Value), 23 grams of whole grain (at least 48 recommended daily), and 180 calories per serving 
Chock full of delicious crunchy nut clusters, real sliced almonds and whole grain flakes

Tasting is believing so go to to download a printable coupon for $1.25 off one box of Fiber One Nutty Clusters & Almonds cereal today! 

Save $1.25 on New Whole Grain Artisan Pizza Crust from Pillsbury

Calling all pizza lovers! Looking for a way to bring delicious homemade pizza to your dinner table? It's simple with New Pillsbury® Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain. Quick, convenient, and completely customizable new Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain will help you add some pizzazz to your homemade pizza along with the health benefits of whole grain*!

Whether your family loves pepperoni, veggies, or the works, the possibilities are endless! You can visit to download a printable coupon for $1.25 off one package of New Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain. Grab a coupon and let the good times un-roll with Pillsbury!

Cravebox Twitter Party 9/19 and You're Invited!

You're Invited!

We welcome everyone, everywhere to join us for the Hunt's Delicious Dinners Cravebox Twitter Party on Wednesday, September 19, 2012, at 9pm ET. Follow #HuntsCraveboxto join in the party where we’ll be talking about our solution to your “what’s-for-dinner” challenge.

We will be giving away prizes every 10 minutes! RSVP to be eligible to win the door prize by commenting with your Twitter handle on the Hunt's Delicious Dinners Cravebox Twitter Party blog post.

Party Details:
When: WEDNESDAY, Sept. 19th @9PM ET - RSVP Here
Where: Follow hashtag #HuntsCravebox to party!
Custom Tweetgrid
Party Host@cravebox 
Party Sponsors@HuntsChef@TrueLemonGia Russa Instant Polenta, & Mozaik by Sabert
Party Panelists@LisaSamples@Zipporahs@StacieInAtlanta, & @MommaDJane

Cravebox will be giving away craveworthy prizes from the Limited Edition Hunt's Delicious Dinners Cravebox. (Prizes will be revealed closer to the party date.)

To get started, click here to Tweet: "What's for dinner? Join me at the #HuntsCravebox Twitter Party, 9/19 at 9pm ET! RSVP for a chance to WIN at"

New to Twitter Parties?
No problem. Check out SheSpeaks' TweetGrid 101 video, and Twitter Party Tips and Hints. Then get ready to jump into the conversation!

We hope you can make it!

**U.S. residents only please

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Get Your Free Art Kit from Kelly Kits

Kelly Kits encourage art play using a wide variety of creative tools & materials beyond what coloring books can offer. The Original Kelly Kit comes complete with one set of five unique activities that cover the five art disciplines: painting, drawing, sculpting, printmaking, & collage. Each kit contains all of the tools & materials needed for the activities, the user just needs access to a kitchen! To increase functionality for homeschooling parents, each activity includes an instruction card with an enrichment idea to adapt the art activity to a school lesson. Kelly Kits are designed to encourage creativity & teach!

Get your FREE Children's Art Kelly Kit Delivered to Your Door!  A $9.99 Value Promo Code: USFG99

Giveaway Ending Tomorrow: Milk Unleashed

Notice: Rafflecopter is currently experiencing difficulties, but per their Twitter Account, they're working on it and i'm hoping they'll have things fixed soon.


It’s back to school time which means car pools, soccer practice, recitals and maybe a little time for mom thrown in for good measure.  Having an on-the-go lifestyle can be challenging to say the least and Milk Unleashed is here to help!  
With handy single-serving shelf safe milk there’s no need to ever run out!  You can take it anywhere at anytime!  Milk Unleashed goes wherever your family goes, whether it’s a lunchbox, a cooler, purse or a diaper bag!
Milk Unleashed wants to give one of my readers four cartons of shelf safe milk.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

*A prize pack was offered to me in exchange for this post as well as one to one of my readers.

Money Saving Coupon for Betty Crocker Cereal Muffin Mixes

Are you ready to re-mix your morning meal routine? The delicious flavors of Cocoa Puffs™, Cinnamon Toast Crunch™, and Reese´s Puffs™ are making their way out of the bowl and into the oven with new Betty Crocker® Cereal Muffin Mixes! Whether your family is gathering around the breakfast table or simply grabbing a bite on-the-go, new Betty Crocker Cereal Muffin Mixes will provide a tasty and convenient way to jumpstart your day! 

Want to enjoy the classic cereal flavors you and your family love as mouthwatering muffins? Visit to download a printable coupon for $.80 off one package of any variety of Cereal Muffin Mix.


Picture re-released from NASA. This is what was captured from space on 9/11.

My Horrible Experience with

I don't talk about how much my hubby likes football, but let me start here by saying that he is the biggest football fan that I personally know. I think he likes the video games nearly as much, and so when he heard the Madden NFL 13 game was being released, it was no surprise to me that he would have to have it. He originally pre-ordered it from Game Stop, which is one of the normal routes that he takes, but when he found out had it for around $44.99, which was reasonably lower than what he was about to pay, he had the Game Stop order cancelled. And decided to pre-order with

When he placed the order, for which he used a giftcard that he already had, he noticed that he didn't get a confirmation email. After a little bit, he checked the gift card balance to find that it had been charged for the game amount, minus tax and shipping. Sometime during our wait, I also received an email which had a pretty good in store offer, and let him know about it and we decided we'd just cancel the online order and go to a physical store and take advantage of that offer. After sometime of not receiving a confirmation email, I started putting calls in to Toys R Us. I was told that our card was on an authorization hold. I'd also like to point out that for some odd reason, they were able to locate my hubby's name, but there was no address associated with his name, nor did there seem to be an email address or phone number, which after me giving it to them, they could not locate an order still.

I wasn't satisfied with the answer of the gift card being tied up for an authorization with no order associated, so I called back, and got a different answer from a different rep. So now I have two different answers, and my dissatisfaction begin to build. A third time brought yet another  explanation, so about here i'm feeling like these reps don't know what they're talking about. One of the most annoying things was having to explain the situation over and over again. Couldn't they just associate my complaint with an email address or phone number? I finally asked for a supervisor, and was told that one couldn't be reached and I would receive a call back from one. After not hearing back, I called back in and asked for a supervisor, and after holding for some time, I did get one, who also gave me bad information, which was that the funds should be returned back in 2 business days at the latest. Since it would be a holiday weekend, that meant I would have to wait until Tuesday for the money to be back on our card.

Tuesday came, and when I called in to check the balance, it was still $0. Why were they doing this to me. It really started to feel personal, though I knew it couldn't have been. I did express my frustration and disgust, but never in a rude way, because that's just not my style. I made a couple of posts on Twitter and even tagged Toys R Us on Facebook, hoping that they'd reach out to me with answers, but they never did. I mean, the reps were not rude in any way, but in no way did I appreciate the long wait, varying and undependable answers, and nothing moving forward unless I always took the first step.

The money was finally returned last week Thursday... after more than a week of waiting and again after I initiated a call in to their supervisor line yet again for something to be done. This was THE WORST customer service experience I recall having from a company EVER and I NEVER intend to go through the site to place an order. I did hear that the online department and the physical stores are two separate entities, so if I can't find what I want in stores, i'll take my business to someone I can count on.