Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#ATVIFamGames Activision's Family Game Summit. Register Now for a Chance to Win a Goodie Bag!!

I know that the above invite is small and this invitation is last minute, so here are the important details:

Register by October 31 for a chance to win a goodie bag while supplies last. They will be giving away 200. You need to register by going to

The Live Event will take place in New York City and childcare and refreshments will be provided for those who are able to attend. There will also be a live broadcast and this is all taking place Tuesday, November 13, 2012 starting at 1pm est. The physical address for those in New York who would like to attend is:

Metropolitan Pavilion
The Metropolitan Suite - 2nd Floor
123 W. 18th St. (Between 6th & 7th Ave.)
New York, NY 10011

If I receive further details, i'll try to be sure to get them out. You can also follow @ATVI_Family for more details. Any questions? Contact Holly Homer via email (Holly Homer hollyhomer(at)tx.rr(dot)com.

Give Your Child a Fun Learning Advantage with Cyper AR Cards

I don't recall hearing about #CypherKidsClub Cypher AR cards until recently, and what I heard about them struck me as being a fun way to help children get an early start at learning. We headed to our local Target to purchase some.

The selection that we found included numbers, alphabet and animals.


I decided to get the alphabet for my four year old because this is something i've begun working with him on.

I really like these cards. They're pure interactive fun. One of the first things I noticed right out of the box is how sturdy they are. This is great for me because I have a baby and one on the way who will eventually need to learn the alphabet as well.

Now, these cards are designed to work with iPod Touch 4th generation or newer, iPhone 4 or newer and iPad 2 or newer. Once you purchase the cards, you will need to download the accompanying app which is available at no additional charge. When everything is set up, you open the app which looks like this:

You then use the slider located below the pictures to select which letter you'd like to work with. What makes AR cards so fun is that it makes things appear to be right in the room where you are. With this app, you have to option to take pictures which are automatically saved to the camera roll in your iOS device. The characters and music used in this app make it even more enjoyable. It just took a little bit of explaining to my four year old on how to use it and from there he was able to work this all by himself.

Cypher AR cards are available at Target, and you can check out my Google+ shopping experience to see what else I saw along the way. Want to learn more about these amazing cards? Well you can further connect with Cypher Kids Club by way of the Cypher Kids Club Twitter account or Cypher Kids Club on Facebook.

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric community. This shop has been compensated as a part of the social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and Cypher Kids Club #CBias #SocialFabric. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What Happened When I Threw Caution to the Wind

My baby just turned one just over a month ago. It's usually around this time that I would begin weaning, but weaning came a little sooner than I would have liked this time around.

You see, breastfeeding, in the past, has been my security measure. It would keep my monthly cycle from coming back around for almost that complete year because it's something I do exclusively, meaning I don't use formula as a supplement.

Back around 3-4 months or so ago, when it was still REALLY hot. I noticed I started feeling sick to my stomach (if you hadn't figured out where i'm going up until that last sentence, i'm sure you've figured out what i'm about to announce). I thought and hoped that I was under the weather, because that heat seemed near unbearable, but it just wouldn't go away. I told my husband that we needed to get a pregnancy test.

Turned out we were really expecting. Again. We both sat after finding out the results in disbelief. I'd planned to be more cautious when my cycle kicked back in, because I thought 5 kids would surely be our number. God had other plans for us.

Last week's ultrasound revealed that we're right around five and a half months and due in February to have another boy. Another boy. A-nother b.o.y.. We already have four boys and one daughter. When she found out our last was a boy, she cried.

I'd gotten this feeling over me a couple of nights before our scheduled ultrasound that lowered my hopes for a girl and told her not to get her hopes up. My mom also had a talk with her. She shed a few tears in advance. When I called with the announcement, I asked to speak to her because I didn't want her to hear it first from anyone else. Her voice dropped when she announced to everyone else "it's a boy," but seems that she accepted it. Well on the bright side for her, she should have a LOT of protection.

The ultrasound revealed an active baby and so far things look good. Now we have to work on a name, but with each son it seems to get more and more challenging because I really appreciate names that have positive meanings and not just sound good. For example, before we found out the sex of this baby, we thought we'd go with a K name if it were a girl and we heard of someone's daughter being named Kennedy. We thought this was cute, but after finding the meaning of it was Iron Head, I had a change of heart.

That about sums up where we are right now in life. Things are going ok otherwise and I just wanted to share our news with you. So thanks for reading :).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm a NetZero Ambassador. My Initial Thoughts and Info on Netzero 4G Mobile Broadband Devices.

I am so excited to have been chosen as an ambassador for NetZero. As an ambassador, I have been given the honor of trying out the new NetZero 4G wireless hotspot, and let me tell you right now, i'm loving it! This is an image of the one that i'm currently working with:

Wanna know what I think is absolutely awesome about it? It has the capability of connecting up to eight devices! This is great because my family consists of a bunch of techies, if you will, who love being able to be connected. Several of the devices that we have are wifi ready, but in the past, we would rely on our wifi through our router at home, but when we're out and about, we could forget it unless we happened to be near a location that has wifi, which means as long as you'd like to be connected, you need to stay right there, which can cost precious time, but this hotspot has allowed us to stay connected without having to slow down.

This particular one works great for us, because it, again, is wireless, which means it sends the signal out and devices such as Tablets, which don't come with a standard USB port can be connected as well as other devices that can connect to a wifi connection. It's secure and cannot be accessed without a password. One is preset, but you have the option of changing it if you'd like.

One of the first things we tested out was the speed at which you could watch videos. My hubby is big on football, and wanted to be able to catch a game while we were out. We were both impressed with the speed at which the video was able to be viewed. Speaking of the speed, with this hotspot, you have the option to control the speed and thereby the usage of your plan. If you want to just keep things simple, i.e. checking your email, a little web surfing and such, you can control the speed. You have the options of lightspeed for these simple tasks. If you want to view videos or complete other tasks that require more speed, there's warpspeed for that. The choice is yours.

If you want only to connect one device, or your device can only connect via a usb, there's another option for you which is designed specifically for laptops and netbooks, which is the NetZero Stick:

I don't have personal experience with this one, but it is 4G as well. The devices are currently marked down from their original prices. The Wireless Hotspot is showing at $49.98 and the Stick is showing at $24.98. From there you pick the plan that works for you starting with the 200 mb plan being free up to the Platinum plan which includes 4 gb per month being $49.95 and several choice in between. Another thing anyone can appreciate is that you don't have to enter into a contract, there is no commitment, and you can change your plan at anytime.

Stay tuned for more on this awesome device. I have plans to share some video with you on how easy it was to set up as well as showing you just how it allows things to flow.

The hotspot and service per provided to me in exchange for posts sharing my experience with this product. The opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Denny's..Reward Yourself!

Denny's is somewhere that we like to go to when we go out. It's family friendly, the prices are not bad on the wallet and the kids love it.

We were recently invited to enjoy the new limited time CYOB (create your own burger) and CYOS (create your own shake) menu and I think it's pretty awesome. You select your own toppings, some of which are premium and will cost extra and others that can be added at no additional charge. I would say that since the burgers are on the bigger side, they're ideal for teens to adults, or they can even be shared between two children. My hubby created this burger:

To make things easy, there was a menu already at our table where he was able to check off exactly what he wanted to add. There are also pre-created burgers that you can choose from if you're having a hard time selecting just what you'd like to add. Then for desert there's the create your own shake menu:

This one had crushed oreos and it was topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips and it was oh. so. delicious! I made the mistake of letting our baby taste it and he was quite the unhappy camper when it was all gone.

If you're looking for a great way to reward yourself for that promotion or a great presentation on the job, or maybe the kids for bringing home good grades, you just want a change from the ordinary or maybe you're just feeling creative, check out this limited time menu at your local Denny's!

Disclosure: A gift card was provided to us to help cover the cost of our bill. The opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Heart of Christmas (Trailer at bottom of post)

I'd not heard of this story, but from the information I received, it's based on a true story. After viewing the trailer, this is definitely something i'd love to see for myself. The Heart of Christmas is a story of a family faced with losing their child and their quest to give him one last Christmas. The trailer alone had me wanting to shed tears because one could only imagine their own child and the pain felt by a parent faced with such difficulty. The Heart of Christmas will be available October 16th. I was sent the trailer to share with my readers and you can view it below.


2 for 1 admission to Rink Side Sports in Gurnee, IL

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What more could you want? Rink Side, the Coolest place in town! My Readers get 2 for 1 admission with this coupon -

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Win My Gym FREE for a Year - plus a FREE Birthday Party

Disclosure: Free products and a chance to win a prize are being provided to me in exchange for this post.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Check Out the Endorse App and Share With Your Facebook Friends for Free Coffee up to $3...

Endorse is a simple new mobile app that has saved users over $400K in the past year when they buy their favorite brands. Consumers are offered weekly coupons from their favorite brands. All they have to do to get the savings is buy the item and upload a picture of their receipt from their smartphone.  They get cash back that day or earn rewards for their kids’ school.

It is a new era in couponing  - no paper required.  And to get people excited about it they are offering a free cup of coffee (up to $3), if you share the offer with your friends on Facebook. 

Some of this week’s other offers include:
  • 20% back on Popchips
  • 30% back on SoBe 0 Calories Lifewater
  • 30% back on Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks
  • 10% back on any brand of soup
  • 20% back on Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
  • 50% back on NEW iD Gum

Endorse is a free app available on iOS and Android, and signing up is easy as 20%-off-pie.

Just passing the info along. I've not yet tried it out, but plan to download this app because at first glance it definitely sounds promising..

On Tantrums, Heartbreak, Love and Weaning

Last week, my baby turned one. I'd previously done practice runs to see how weaning him would go, but he'd already begun to put his foot down as if he already knew the day would soon come. He would crawl around and randomly come for a little sucking, then minutes later he'd come back for a few seconds to maybe a couple minutes more of sucking. As if to make sure everything was still secure and he still had this thing on lock. I decided it's time to get this thing in full swing, and he's not taking that well at all.

Weaning him has proved harder than weaning any of my other children. Or at least so it seems. Sometimes he makes me feel as if he strongly dislikes me. I try to talk as sweetly to him as I can when letting him know that he can't. It turns into him throwing his head back, grabbing and snatching at things and even biting me to show me how angry he is and just flat out rejection towards me. He goes through spurts where he doesn't want me to touch him. Oh how it breaks my heart! His disappointment sometimes shows up in his daily activities. It just seems that things that he normally takes easier frustrate him so deeply. I'm used to being the one that he turns to when he's hurting and being able to comfort him, whether through a hug, rocking or putting him to my breast, but now he has these times where he makes me feel just utterly rejected.

I'm taking away his best friend. The friend he turns to when he's bored, lonely or in need of comfort. It feels so much like betrayal on my part. I'm doing all that I know to do, though. Holding him despite his rejection, protecting his precious little head when he would surely throw it against something and bring pain, kissing him, talking softly to him, and working through the hurt that he is unknowingly causing me. Many times I hold him and kiss him against his will, and he'll eventually cave in to my gestures of love. We're just about down to bedtime feedings only. As I wonder if I really am just cutting him off too soon, I know that i'll be relieved when this is all over.