Giveaway: Baby Einstein Gift Basket

Chances are, you or someone you know recently gave birth or soon will be. Hey, I just did and i’m associated with at least three other women who have also and I can think of at least three others who are due to give birth soon enough. Perhaps you’ve been invited to a baby shower […]

Giveaway: Win a Once In a Lifetime Trip to The Republic of South Africa

If boogie-boarding off the sandy beaches of South Africa and embarking on an African luxury safari to view elephants, rhinos and other big game in their native setting is on your family’s bucket list, then now’s the time to book your Spring Break vacation with Kalahari Resorts. The home to America’s largest indoor waterparks, Kalahari […]

Win Prizes for the Mess Master in Your Home

Do you ever wish you could be rewarded for the messes your children make? Dirty Jobs, known for their cleaning products that are formulated to handle the dirtiest jobs, is launching a nationwide search for America’s top ‘Mess Masters.’  Send them a photo of the messiest mess your own Mess Master makes and if your […]

My Birth Story

This is our newest little guy. Yup, another boy bringing our boy total to 5 and still one lone daughter. He was actually born Friday before last, but i’m just getting around to putting this post up, and i’m so excited to share with you our birth story. Our little guy was actually due on […]

Trying Week Part 2 and Tips to Avoid Induction When Pregnant

So this post is continued from last week, though I never made it to post about it last week, I still want to express what was going on in my life and also to share that i’m glad this part is over. There’s still part 3 to follow. I am one who tries to avoid […]

Nuby iMonster Snack Keeper Review

This is my new favorite dish to serve up snacks to my toddler. I remember shortly after receiving it to review it, I filled it with cereal on our way out. I believe we were going out on one of our home searches, not knowing how my baby was going be with it. Would he […]

Giveaway: Limited Time Only Dreamworks Animation DVD Samplers with Specially Marked General Mills Cereals

I find that my children are much like I was. Maybe due to my telling them stories of how things were for me as a child. For instance, I remember being younger and trying to be the first to call that i’m claiming the prize that comes in the box of cereal. Oh no, there […]

Trying Week Part 1: If You’re Ever Faced With Gangrene or Amputation

This past week has been a tough one. My dad has been in and out of nursing homes and hospitals since last year with rarely a visit home. I really don’t think he wants to go home to stay at least, given his current condition and the inability for anyone to be at home with […]

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