Kidz Gear Headphones Review

Some things that I receive to review, I try them out before I read up the additional information that is sent with them. I find that this is sometimes a good thing, because I get to form my own opinion before learning what the manufacturer wants me to feel or believe about their products. Fortunately, this was the case with the headphones designed for children by Kidz Gear.

When I tried these on, I was immediately impressed with the stereo sound quality that they have. I did later read that these headphones are adult products built for kids, and the sound quality indeed says just that.

What makes them for kids is the fact that they adjust perfectly to fit children ranging in age from 2 and up. As you can see, my 1 1/2 year old can fit them comfortably as can my 8 year old daughter. Another thing that makes them ideal for kids which is one of the standout features and one that I did read beforehand but did not try to do a comparison test, is the volume limit technology, which limits the volume to approximately 80% of what the maximum output capability would be compared to using other audio devices.

Kidz Gear headphones come in a variety of colors that kids are sure to love. If you purchase at least two pairs, you can get a splitter device which allows two headphones to be connected to one device. Here’s one other set of pictures so you can get a better look at the features of these headphones:

The first picture is just an overall view. The second is a closer look at the earpads, which provide for a comfortable listening experience. Picture three shows the volume control which also has a clip on the backside so that it can be easily attached to clothing or perhaps pockets. In picture four I wanted to show the generous amount of cord that is attached to these headphones.

Kidz Gear headphones are available at Target stores, In Motion Airport stores, or they can be purchased directly from the website for the very reasonable suggested retail price of $19.99.

I received free headphones for my children in exchange for and to facilitate this review. Opinions expressed are my own.

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