Encouragement, Frustration, Patience, Success: Potty Training Time Again

As a brand ambassador for Nuby i’ve received product to facilitate this review.

Having two diapered babies in front of me reminds me of times past. I’ve been here, done this before. Problem is that diapers are expensive. Since these two don’t pee and poop in sync, the diaper changing just seems to go on and on. I decided we’d go ahead and take a shot at potty training our older baby. He’s a year and just about eight months, which for me would otherwise be young to start, but he sometimes lets us know when he’s pooped in his diaper, which is a good indicator that I can give potty training a shot.

When our Nuby Potty Seat arrived, I excitedly let my son know it was for him. We first got him familiar with sitting on it. Diaper still on and all. He seemed to like it. It seems to be comfortable. I personally like the colors that are available. They are designed in a way that boys and girls can use them. The Nuby Potty Seat also has a rubber base to prevent it from sliding around.
I took a couple of pictures so that you can get a better look. The front lip is curved up to prevent little boys from accidentally going over and out, and obviously this would automatically work just fine for a little girl as well. It is very minimalistic and the container comes out making cleanup really easy.
We decided we’d go for another round of practice…this time between diaper changes:
Dad attempted to keep him entertained with a little bit of bribery, but as it goes with potty training, boredom soon sets in, and so this moment came to a quick end with a half naked child walking around until he had to have another diaper put on.
The day finally came where I decided I would sit down with him and wait patiently for him to do the do. Hey, he got a manicure and a pedicure out of the deal. We sat and sat, he cried but we didn’t give up and then finally, success! He produced a number one and a number two! Of course he received praise and i’m sure he was proud of himself and hopefully now has an understanding of what’s expected. Now to pull myself together to give it another go.

The Nuby Potty Seat is available at www.BuyBabyDirect.com.

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  1. Onica MommyFactor says:

    I think you did a great start with the potty training. Just be consistent and keep snacks near by. Your son will get it

    • Milcah says:

      Thank you! I don’t think i’ve tried quite this young yet and I believe it’s not for everyone to start off so young, but I have heard success stories of children getting it even before a year, so i’m hoping he catches on really soon.

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