Nuby Wacky Ware Bowl

This is the Nuby Wacky Ware Bowl. I love the way Nuby keeps their products colorful and BPA free and just all around kid friendly.  This bowl is great for snacks or perhaps a one dish meal fit for a toddler. Something like macaroni is perfect I was really impressed with how tightly this bowl […]

Nuby Tub Time Turtle

                             The Tub Time Turtle is another adorable bath time toy from Nuby. It floats on the top of the bath water making it easier for children to get a hold of whenever they’re ready for it. It has holes in the […]

Getting My Baby to Feed Himself

To me, getting a baby to feed himself is just a challenge within itself. You know there’s gonna be a mess. You wonder what would be a good food to start with. With a now three month old and a twenty one month old, i’m always relying on my older children to help me out. […]

Combat Nausea with Three Lollies

Three Lollies makes all natural products for nausea associated with morning sickness, travel sickness, cancer treatment all other types of nausea. Their products are drug-free and doctor recommended. Save 20% Off Any Order at Three Lollies, Natural Nausea Products. *This is a sponsored post. Stay tuned for a review.

Nuby Fish Swoosh

                            So far, I have to say that the Nuby Fish Swoosh is one of my favorites of the Nuby Bath Toys line. Cute and colorful, it’s designed to strengthen hand and eye coordination and develop motor skills, and it’s just fun […]

Breastfeeding Moms Concerned About Your Milk Supply… Meet Milky

  I’m really glad to have a mom that breastfed. I’m also glad to have had a doctor who believed enough in breastfeeding to encourage me to do so with my first child AND he encouraged me to shoot for at least the first year of my baby’s life. I’ve had 5 more since, and really […]

Giveaway: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream and Micro-Sculpting Eye Cream and Lash Serum Duo

As I was preparing to make a video for YouTube one day not very long ago, I noticed I have managed to develop what I have assumed to be smile lines. I think they’re smile lines because they look to be right in the path of my smile (and I smile a whole lot). Makes […]

Giveaway: TV Tip Overs: Are Your Children At Risk?

I love being able to watch shows on our 46 inch. Things just look better and I like the fact that I don’t have to strain my eyes to see what’s going on as is the case with the smaller televisions that are in my my bedroom and my mom’s bedroom. I’m sure that most […]

Book Review: Time For Kids Big Book of Where

Where is the tallest mountain? Where did the Olympics begin? Where is the Petrified Forest? Where are Diamonds found? Where was the hamburger invented? Where does spam go after you delete it? The Big Book of Where is a new book for kids ages 8-12 that has been added to the Time Home Entertainment Big […]

Getting Things Ready for a Newborn

Preparing Your Home for Your Newborn1. Make sure your crib meets current safety regulations. I’m an Illinois resident, and the sale of crib bumpers was recently banned because of the suffocation risk. You can find more on crib safety at the CPSC site. 2. Although it’s tempting to splurge on newborn clothing, try not to overdo it. […]

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