Getting My Baby to Feed Himself

To me, getting a baby to feed himself is just a challenge within itself. You know there’s gonna be a mess. You wonder what would be a good food to start with.

With a now three month old and a twenty one month old, i’m always relying on my older children to help me out. That doesn’t always go without attitude and arguing over who’s not gonna do it and who did it last. Sometimes it’s just a little more peaceful to do it myself.

While out shopping, I wanted to get something special for my little man that he could feel like was just for him. I’ve been having to leave him behind with dad a lot lately. After work, dad just wants to relax, and so we haven’t been going out as a family a whole lot lately and it’s just very hard to have two children at such young ages while out shopping without him. I decided on this Danonino yogurt.

I’d passed it up many times because the majority of my children are older and they’d likely not like such small packages for themselves. And besides, I didn’t want to pay the same price for these little cups that I pay for the bigger ones.

Turns out he really likes it. After seeing how thick it was when I opened it, I decided, hm, it’ll be harder for him to make a mess with this, so I got one of his little spoons and handed it to him to see how he’d do feeding himself.

I did taste it and it’s not bad at all. It has two times the calcium of other leading brands of yogurt that are designed for kids. My little guy can now get practice controlling a spoon. Awesome. What more can I ask for? It comes in strawberry, banana and strawberry-banana flavors. I’m glad I decided to go ahead and get it for him. I think it’s safe to say he is too.

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