Give Your Child A Headstart in Reading with Children Learning Reading Program

teach your child to read

  One thing that becomes quite clear when starting this program is that the creator has done his research. He goes into detail with studies that have taken place when it comes to teaching a child to read. When reading the first of the suggested material, you will find out some tried and true ways […]

Have a Few Moments to Yourself with the Graco Little Lounger


I’m sure that any mom can attest to the fact that sometimes it seems impossible to get a moment to ourselves. Not just moments that we can do without, but i’m talking moments that are needed for something such as a shower or even to pick up around the house. Moments that can determine whether […]

Soothe Baby’s Gums with the Nuby Jiggle Giggle Vibrating Teether


One exciting thing with having a new baby around is waiting for the appearance of the first buds of new teeth. Though i’m going through this experience with yet another little one, it somehow never gets old. The downside, as always, is knowing the agony your baby is facing while getting through the milestone of […]

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