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Poverty? I know what it feels like. When my husband first got out of the military, life became slow and not very productive. Things got worse when our vehicle was repossessed as a result of not being able to make the payments. Everytime we made a little progress, we’d be knocked back to square one. Fortunately we had resources that we utilized until God blessed us to get out of the rut we were in.

There are many others, though, who don’t have the resources needed to live self sufficient lives. For them, life is a challenge. Daily. And I can only imagine that it gets to feeling hopeless sometimes. I had my “if only” moments during our time of hardship. If only we could get back north where my family and better employment opportunities existed, surely we could escape this. My husband found guidance through some very caring voc rehab personnel. They helped him find a job and even pulled some strings to cover our moving expenses.

World Vision offers a way where anyone willing to give can positively impact the lives of those who are in need. Through them, you can donate to see to families getting animals that allow them to become farmers or tools and training so that they can be more self-sufficient. Your donations also help to provide clothes, clean water and medical care. You can purchase items for yourself, such as the spoons pictured to the left. There even the option to fund a micro-loan for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur. Even if you can’t afford a donation or purchase, there is the option to volunteer time. So many ways you can help change someone’s life for the better. Forever.

In this season and spirit of giving, please consider helping those in need through World Vision.

I received a gift in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed are my own.

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