Friday Finds

Okay, so here is my first Friday Finds post. This is Goo Gone and I found it at my local Dollar Tree. Have you heard of it before? Well, my memories go back years ago when I was a teen. I’d occasionally hear my mom mention it. I could have possibly been even younger, but it would likely not have mattered as much to me then anyway. Goo Gone is used to remove substances such as gum, grease, crayon, makeup and more from plastic, metal, glass, fabric and more. I’ve personally used it in the past, and it worked well for me. When I spotted it in the Dollar Tree for only a buck, I just could not pass it up. With 6 kids, messes are inevitable and it’s just convenient to have around. Looking on the manufacturer’s website, they charge $3.79 for the same 3 oz bottle, and not to mention an additional $5.99 for the shipping. I’m so glad I stumbled on this for just $1. What bargains have you found at your local Dollar Store?

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