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So glad you wanted to stop by again to see what i’ve found! :) 


If you have an Apple iPhone that you paid for yourself, chances are you’re pretty protective of it. They can cost a lot and depending on whether or not you have insurance and co-pays with that insurance or what have you, you’re probably taking those extra steps to protect your baby.

Well, I was glad to find a variety of iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S  hard covers also available at my local Dollar Tree. They fit snugly and they’re also pretty durable.

The downside I found is that when you want to take pics using the rear camera, these don’t work well (at all) with the flash, and since they do fit snugly, they can be a little difficult to remove which can be a little frustrating.

All in all, though, they are only a dollar, and you can buy different designs and switch things up from time to time. You can also find screen protectors styluses (or styli if you may) and even some earbuds (would recommend against these unless you just need a quick backup). What good buy have you found lately?

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