Using Cinnamon to Bring Blood Glucose Down

I recently wrote about my dad and how he has many health conditions. Among them is diabetes. He’s staying here with me and two of my siblings and I often trade off in being home to be available for him to tend to his needs and any emergencies.

Now, a quick fix for low glucose levels is to eat or drink something with sugar content. Obviously it needs to be taken slowly because you don’t want to cause a dramatic rise. My dad also has a medication which has to be injected nightly by needle into his lower abdomen to help control his blood glucose. It’s slow acting, and therefore not meant for an emergency situation.

One concern my brother had was what to do if sugar levels are high. We don’t have a prescription for such an event. My mom told me how, when she was here and his sugar had risen, she gave my dad cinnamon and that brought it down. I didn’t know how high it was or how low it was brought using this method, but I kept this in mind.

Good thing, because one night when I was left to tend to my dad, I did a stick on my dad to make sure things were where they needed to be, only to find that they weren’t. He was around a 230, which is considered high. I called my brother up and notified him and let him know i’d try the cinnamon method. I added about a teaspoon to about 4 oz of water and had my dad drink it. After drinking about a quarter of that, he decided he didn’t want anymore.

I proceeded to do another stick for another reading just minutes later and was shocked and relieved to find that my dad’s glucose had dropped to a more normal 150 range.

I’m no medical professional, and this advice is by no means meant to replace that of your physician, but i’m sharing in case you ever have such an emergency and hope that someone may find this useful.

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