My Oil-Pulling Miracle: I’m Living Proof that it Works

You’ve likely heard of the benefit claims of oil pulling. It’s said to boost your health, whiten your teeth, deter tooth sensitivity and can even save you from a cavity. Well, these are the claims that I heard while digging deeper to find out just what oil pulling could do for someone. Problem is, i’ve had enough experiences in life that have made me skeptical enough to not believe everything I hear, although perhaps still crazy enough to dare to try some things when i’m caught in a moment of desperation. Case in point. My sister has a car that randomly locks itself. During the cold winter that we had here in Illinois, she’d forgotten her keys in the car during a trip to the grocery store. We had no idea how we would get into the car. The police will only help out under very particular circumstances and a locksmith would have cost too much. I proceeded to Google to look for alternate ways to get into the car and found some YouTube videos and i’ll just let you know right now that should you ever find yourself in this situation stay away from sink plungers and magnets and do your best with a hanger, though time consuming it may be. Okay, so getting back on track. I’ve had some pretty horrible experiences when it comes to my teeth. Back in 2006, I had to lose one of my permanent adult teeth. An experience I hoped to never have again. I remember the pain of that cavity being unbearable. A pain that would prevent a good night’s sleep and would make you feel hopeless and often bring you to tears. Well, that familiarity again became a reality. Not wanting to deal with the pain longer than necessary, I set up an appointment with a local dentist. Unfortunately (or so I thought it was unfortunate), we didn’t have the co-pay that I needed at that time to have the tooth extracted. The dentist did go ahead and prescribe antibiotics and ibuprofen to take care of infection and pain until I could get the money together. He did take x-rays and indeed a cavity had set in. He pointed out that i’d have one tooth sitting in the back of my mouth, with no other directly in front or back. That was going to be a lonely tooth. Perhaps he was suggesting that I should have that one pulled as well? This fact brought me to that moment of desperation. Was there anything I could do to save this tooth? I remembered an article that was circulating on Facebook about some lady’s husband’s experience with oil pulling. I did a Google search and clicked on images because the face that she’d used as her featured image for that blog post was unforgettable. I found it and figured i’d give it a try. Couldn’t hurt. And it didn’t. This oil-pulling deal became my routine over the next several weeks. That excruciating pain of my once decaying tooth is no longer there. A problem that I thought was irreversible was changed because I learned of oil-pulling and dared to give it a try. The dentist’s office has called me twice since, offering me a price I wouldn’t have passed up had I still been in pain. I was able to tell them it’s not bothering me anymore and I no longer need that extraction. (Praise God!) Now I can’t tell you whether or not my immunity has been boosted as a result, but it does seem that my teeth are somewhat whiter than what they were starting off. Another definite benefit i’ve noticed, though, is the decreased sensitivity. Since I was a kid (after getting some teeth filled), i’ve had issues with sensitivity to cold foods. I’d noticed that my sensitivity had increased by quite a bit just before starting to oil pull. It’s now much rarer than it was since I started oil pulling. I don’t even oil pull as much as I did starting off. It’s now more like a maintenance thing that I do about twice a week. Oil pulling is something i’d definitely and confidently recommend to anyone because i’ve tried it and I know it works. I did take the suggestion of getting coconut oil as close to nature as possible. That is virgin, cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil. You can also use sesame or olive oil. Again, just stay as close to nature as possible. You will need to pull for 20 minutes per day, so you should definitely find something to occupy yourself while doing so. Please don’t give up after just one week. Commit to at least 30 days before you say it doesn’t work. I’ve also moved away from traditional toothpaste and I now simply use baking soda from the box so as to avoid brushing with fluoride. So how about you? Have you tried oil-pulling? After reading this article, are you willing to give it a try should the need arise?

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