Zoku Mini Pop Molds Review: Make Fun Treats for the Entire Family


After trying out the Zoku Mini Pop Mold, i’ve found that it’s an interesting way to make unique treats for your family, young and old, and for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re looking to expand snack options, treat options, or you just want to get creative and try something new altogether.

The above picture is what comes in the box. The mold that makes 9 treats along with the plastic “sticks” for when you’re making popsicles or candy that would be ideal to have on a stick. I like how easy the molds can be reversed, making it super simple for you to remove whatever you’ve created. You don’t have to run warm water because things come out just that easily. You don’t have to worry about BPA or phthlatates because they were not used in the making of the Zoku mini pop maker.

I wanted to try popsicles that had something good for my children in them. I made Kool-Aid and as a treat, they contained tiny pieces of pineapple.

A hit with the kids! You will need a container with a good spout to pour your liquids off into these molds, because they fill up fast.

I really want to get around to trying to make some candy with my Zoku, but I did get around to making a yummy drink with it. Perhaps you can play around with some combinations and come up with some interesting drinks for the upcoming holidays. I bought a 2 liter of the Cranberry Sprite and some grape juice. I used the grape juice to fill the molds without adding the sticks and also chilled the sprite to keep it from melting the Zoku ice balls that I made.

The pair was yummy. Something else that my kids loved and they had the grape juice ice balls to enjoy afterwards.

If you’d need more, you can just get a headstart at freezing your little Zoku Ice Balls and as they freeze, place them in a storage container so that you have them ready and on hand when you’re ready to use them.

The Zoku Mini Pop Mold is available at the Zoku website in this and other fun shapes (such as fish shaped molds which i’m sure kids would just adore!!! I mean imagine a light blue drink with a fish floating!). Hope i’ve inspired you!


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