Macro Life Naturals for Kids. It’s Where Healthy Meets Yummy.

I can name at least three reasons my kids don’t get enough fruits and vegetables. 1) kids can be very picky 2) fruits and veggies can be expensive 3) when we do buy them, I tend to ration things so that they can last and many times they end up going bad before they’re all eaten.

I do realize that fruits and vegetables are vital to optimal health. You may have heard the importance of “eating a rainbow.” Different colors and types of fruits and vegetables do different, wonderful things for our bodies and help prevent unnecessary illnesses that occur when we lack the vitamins and nutrients that they provide.

I recently did some online shopping for something I can bring to our household that we could take to maintain and even better where we are as far as our health goes. I found a whole food shake and ordered it. When it arrived, I was excited to have everyone try it out. My hubby was my first victim. It was pretty much a no for him from there. He passed it on to our oldest son who passed it on to his younger brother who, if i’m not mistaken, passed it on yet to the next younger one in line. They did not like this shake at all. When I did try it, I couldn’t understand what everyone hated about it, but, to each his own I guess. I was disappointed that no one finished this drink that I was so excited about.

Sometime around this time, I received an email offering me to try out these Macro Life drinks for adults. This email also served as a reminder of a request for samples for the kid version, and so I did send another request to try out the kid version. I was sent these samples, and i’ll admit they were received with a little bit of skepticism. I mean, come on, there is NO WAY they’re going to disguise health and get over on these kids, but guess what THEY DID!

Now the first time, I didn’t mix it according to the directions on the package and some of the “healthy” got separated from the “yummy.” I took for granted that this is a drink mix that you just pour into milk and stir and boom, good to go. Thank goodness I did read before mixing the second time. You have to add a little bit of water and mix that first and then add the milk. When I did this, it was perfect.

Macro Life for kids come in Coco and Berry flavors. The Coco flavored mix contain super “greens” that are designed to alkalize your body. Now alkalizing is important for keeping the body free of diseases. With the Coco flavor, your kids also have the benefit of getting at least 3 servings of fruits and vegetables and it contains 70% less sugar than other leading coco drinks.

The flavor contains 19 organic super fruits and veggies. It also contains probiotics and enzymes to help with digestion and to strengthen the immune system and trace minerals and electrolytes to help keep kids properly hydrated.

Both of these healthy drink mixes for kids are free of common allergens and harsh ingredients and i’ve not found anything that’s not to love about them. My kids love them, they have ingredients that are good for them, and after trying them for myself, I agree with my kids; they’re delicious and i’m happy that they enjoy something that’s good for them too. Now to find something that the hubs can enjoy. For more information on these healthy drink mixes including the list of ingredients, please click the links in this post. If you’d like to purchase, you can do so by clicking through to their online store here.

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