Garden of Life: Finally an Organic Vitamin Made from Real Food!



Organic vitamins. Now that’s one you don’t hear. At least I don’t recall EVER hearing of them before the new Kind Organics line of products by Garden of Life. They don’t contain GMOs and they’re made from REAL FOODS. Guys, guess what. They didn’t forget you either because your health is important too!


As you can see from the color, the men’s and women’s are formulated differently. We women tend to need more iron than the guys and so from what I can tell, the addition of iron makes ours darker in color. They’re not too big and they have a coating that makes them easier to swallow.

Finally I wanted to share a side by side of the bottles so that you no what vitamins and minerals are contained in each. You can also find women’s and men’s once daily, a formula for women and men over 40, organic plant calcium, B12 spray and vegan D3. All organic and all available from Garden of Life. Be sure to pick some up at a health retailer near you.


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