Garden of Life: Perfect Food Raw Review


My mom recently pointed out how it’s like food is designed simply to fill our bellies. By that she meant that there’s really no nutritional value. It’s really sad. We buy fruits and vegetables to feed our families because indeed food used to have healing properties. This was before pesticides, GMO’s, additives, preservatives, artificial colors and everything else that makes our food right next to worthless. Depressing.

These days, some type of supplementation is needed for most, if not all of us. I first heard of Jordan Rubin when we lived in Southern Illinois. He told the story of how he nearly lost his life until he changed some things. His research led him to start the Garden of Life company that makes products to help the well-being of others. I had the opportunity to meet some of the representatives when I attended BlogHer13. I decided just this year to take them up on their offer to work with bloggers and requested to try out the Perfect Food RAW.

I know that green foods are beneficial to our health and this Perfect Food Raw contains ingredients such as barley grass and wheat grass among many other ingredients. I’ve learned that “green super foods” are good for alkalizing our bodies and having well balanced alkalinity helps to prevent illness and disease. It has several “blends” that include a juice blend, antioxidant fruit and vegetable blend, sprout blend and probiotic and enzyme blend. All in one container. Even children starting at the age of 4 can take it.

Some other things i’m taking directly from the label are that it’s freshly juiced and six times more concentrated than Whole Leaf Grass Powders. It contributes 34 nutrient-dense greens, sprouts and veggies to your diet, it’s a source of natural energy and healthy detoxification. It’s organic, GMO free, dairy free, soy free, has no whole grass fillers, no added sugars (sweetened with RAW organic stevia leaf), no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives and it’s also vegan friendly.

I made my son one in an attempt to help him get over a sickness that he was faced with. I didn’t know that he hadn’t finished it until the next day and I noticed it had turned brown. I point this out because I feel that this attests to this drink being alive. One thing i’d like to point out about the taste is that stevia can be a little sweet for some, myself included, and may need to be mellowed down a bit. Perhaps a squeeze of organic lemon juice or even mixing it into a smoothie will get the taste where you’d like.

Look for Perfect Food Raw at a health food retailer near you.


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