Nuby Tub Time Turtle

                             The Tub Time Turtle is another adorable bath time toy from Nuby. It floats on the top of the bath water making it easier for children to get a hold of whenever they’re ready for it. It has holes in the […]

Getting My Baby to Feed Himself

To me, getting a baby to feed himself is just a challenge within itself. You know there’s gonna be a mess. You wonder what would be a good food to start with. With a now three month old and a twenty one month old, i’m always relying on my older children to help me out. […]

Bathtime for Baby with Nuby

Bathing a newborn is hard enough. This was true for me as a first time mom as it is the sixth time around. I mean, there’s a science to it. You have to start off by cleaning baby’s face, then hair washing and cover the head and then the body and you’re a little anxious […]

My Birth Story

This is our newest little guy. Yup, another boy bringing our boy total to 5 and still one lone daughter. He was actually born Friday before last, but i’m just getting around to putting this post up, and i’m so excited to share with you our birth story. Our little guy was actually due on […]

Trying Week Part 2 and Tips to Avoid Induction When Pregnant

So this post is continued from last week, though I never made it to post about it last week, I still want to express what was going on in my life and also to share that i’m glad this part is over. There’s still part 3 to follow. I am one who tries to avoid […]

Nuby iMonster Snack Keeper Review

This is my new favorite dish to serve up snacks to my toddler. I remember shortly after receiving it to review it, I filled it with cereal on our way out. I believe we were going out on one of our home searches, not knowing how my baby was going be with it. Would he […]

#NubyComfort Twitter Party Tonight!


Nuby Mommy Blogger

Maybe by now you’ve noticed the badge? Yup, I was selected to be a Nuby Mommy Blogger which means I now have the opportunity to receive exciting products from Nuby and share my thoughts with you. As a mom of 5, soon to be six, baby and toddler products are a very significant part of […]

Purex….For Babies!!

Unbelievably, the time has passed so fast for this baby to be welcomed into the world. In just six short weeks or so, it’ll be time to meet our newest addition. There are preparations yet to be completed, which include pulling out some baby clothes that we have stashed and getting them cleaned up and […]

Giveaway: Bellybar- The Way to Enjoy Your Prenatals!

I’ve heard plenty about women who have a hard time taking prenatals. I’ve even had this problem on occasion myself, and I really love how Bellybar Prenatals is changing things up. Can you say chewy chocolate? Yum! Before my shipment arrived, my question to myself was if I would only get to have one a […]