Combat Nausea with Three Lollies

Three Lollies makes all natural products for nausea associated with morning sickness, travel sickness, cancer treatment all other types of nausea. Their products are drug-free and doctor recommended. Save 20% Off Any Order at Three Lollies, Natural Nausea Products. *This is a sponsored post. Stay tuned for a review.

My Birth Story

This is our newest little guy. Yup, another boy bringing our boy total to 5 and still one lone daughter. He was actually born Friday before last, but i’m just getting around to putting this post up, and i’m so excited to share with you our birth story. Our little guy was actually due on […]

Trying Week Part 2 and Tips to Avoid Induction When Pregnant

So this post is continued from last week, though I never made it to post about it last week, I still want to express what was going on in my life and also to share that i’m glad this part is over. There’s still part 3 to follow. I am one who tries to avoid […]

What Happened When I Threw Caution to the Wind

My baby just turned one just over a month ago. It’s usually around this time that I would begin weaning, but weaning came a little sooner than I would have liked this time around. You see, breastfeeding, in the past, has been my security measure. It would keep my monthly cycle from coming back around […]

Giveaway: Bellybar- The Way to Enjoy Your Prenatals!

I’ve heard plenty about women who have a hard time taking prenatals. I’ve even had this problem on occasion myself, and I really love how Bellybar Prenatals is changing things up. Can you say chewy chocolate? Yum! Before my shipment arrived, my question to myself was if I would only get to have one a […]

My Birth Story… Meet the Newest Member of Our Team

Whew!! Let me first start off by saying that this pregnancy seems like it lasted FOREVER! Some of you may have noticed the days until widget sitting there was somewhere beyond 40 weeks, and that would be because it took, well, over 40 weeks. It was more like 41 weeks plus 6 days! Our little […]

Preparing Your Home for Baby’s Arrival

It can be challenging when preparing for a new baby. Although some of you may like to call me a veteran, let me assure you that since I haven’t had a newborn around in a little over three years now, i’ve definitely had to freshen up on what to expect. As a mom who has […]

Relish the Little Moments and Find Out How to Win an ExerSaucer (ends 7/5)

Okay, so maybe this is a little exaggerated, but hey for some moms it just may hit a little too close to home. And being at 29 weeks this week, moments like this aren’t too far away for me. An ExerSaucer would be great! Giveaway Heads Up: I received an email stating that there is […]

Pregnancy Update

Just wanted to give a little update with what’s going on these days. First let me start by saying that at my last doctor’s appointment, I asked when another ultrasound would be done. I was told that it wouldn’t. The only time they do a second ultrasound is if there’s a medical reason, so for […]

Still Trying to Get the Hang of This… Again

Just a little heads up. Today I had to go to the ER because i’ve not been able to keep much of anything down. It’s the worst i’ve had of all of my children. I’ve lost several pounds, instead of gaining and was just becoming really exhausted after doing much of nothing. The way i’ve […]